Foodie Friday: Cowbell on Oak

I was prompted by a friend who works at Cowbell (who shall remain nameless) to go visit and I was very surprised by what I got. As if the American classic couldn’t get any better, Cowbell NOLA managed to upgrade it. 

Cowbell New Orleans

What I Tried

The menu is a mix of hands-on food and comfort food. That means sandwiches, quesadillas and their infamous burgers with a sprinkling of soups and salads. Seriously, if you don’t try a burger from here at least once, you’re a failure. Just quit now.

I tried the Locally World Famous Cowbell Burger that features “natural, grass-fed beef burger with toasted potato roll, lettuce, tomato & onion, hand cut fries & our signature ketchup & agogo sauce.” I ordered my burger medium because I’m not an animal. I topped mine with some cheddar cheese and a fried egg (because if you haven’t tried eggs on a burger than you are missing out on something magical). My friends tried the whole gambit of options: jalapenos, pimento cheese, applewood smoked bacon, onion & bacon compote, all that good stuff.

I thought it was really delicious, incredibly juicy and filling. The hand-cut fries tasted fresh and moderately salted (anything overly salted is just hiding bad cooking). And the agogo sauce is amazing for dipping your fries or just topping your burger. If you want a burger, skip the fast food line and go here. Get your money’s worth and do something your tummy’s going to enjoy.

And I had a ginger ale if you’re wondering but Cowbell NOLA features a great cocktail and beer list that should have something for everyone to enjoy.

New Orleans Cowbell BurgersWhat I Wanted to Try

Apparently this place has out-of-this-world Signature Cowbell Mac ‘n Cheese. I mean according to my sources, this stuff is supp
osed to make you die, go to heaven and come back as 5 year old you, eat and then become an fulfilled adult again. And as a self-proclaimed cheese connoisseur, I cannot wait to return and give that mac the old Morgan Stamp of Approval.

What You Need to Know

Cowbell NOLA is reasonably priced but beware because those toppings can add up to a hefty burger bill. It’s a small restaurant but has a wonderful outdoor seating area with the levees and Mississippi in the background. And try to come on an empty stomach, the portions are American size, but man is it worth it.


Let us know what you think of Cowbell NOLA in our comments section or recommend some other great NOLA eats that we at Red Beans and Life need to try!

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