13 Reasons Why The Saints Should Pay Jimmy Graham

Earlier this week, the Saints franchised tagged Jimmy Graham as a tight end, which will pay him $7 million as a tight end instead of the $12.3 million he would likely get as a wide receiver.

This didn’t make Jimmy Graham very happy.

The man wants to get paid, and rightfully so. After all, he has put up 3,863 yards and scored 41 touchdowns in his first four seasons, making him one of the prolific RECEIVERS in the past decade, not to mention the most dangerous tight end in the game.

As a Saints fan, though, we know he is worth far more than what he does on the field. Jimmy Graham has a special place in our black and gold heart for what he does off the field as much as what he does on it.

Here are 14 reasons why the Saints should pay Jimmy Graham whatever he wants.

1. He can’t be covered

Jimmy Graham can't be covered


2. He loves the troops…

Brandon Fields, Pierre Garcon, Jimmy Graham Wrap Up Winter 2014 with Moment-Filled USO/NFL Tour to the Middle East


3. But isn’t afraid to beat them in basketball

Jimmy Graham Beating troops in basketball





5. He can dunk a basketball…

Jimmy Graham dunk basketball


6. And a football…

Jimmy graham dunk


7. Oh yeah, he loves breaking things that the Falcons own

Jimmy graham falcons breaks fg post


8. He rocks a Ginger fro like no one can

Jimmy Graham can rock the ginger fro


9. Social media? #InstaGraham

Jimmy Graham #Instagraham


10. He likes the little things in life

Divisional Playoffs - New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers

11. He came from nothing…


12. And made it to the top

Jimmy Graham pro bowl 1

Jimmy Graham pro bowl 2

Jimmy graham pro bowl 3


13. And lastly, he breathes fire

Jimmy graham Breathes fire

Long story short, pay the man!

Jimmy Graham Pay the man

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