10 Reasons Why Rainy Days are Great in New Orleans

Rainy days in New Orleans can be a blessing or a curse. Whether it’s ushering in the first cold front of the year, or ruining your afternoon in the park, every New Orleanian has a love-hate relationship with the casual downpour. Lucky for us, though, we get a whole lot of it.

Take that, California.

So today’s rain got us thinking: what are some of the best things about rain in New Orleans?

1. You don’t need to mop your floors!
Floodwaters over Houses
The mighty waters will surely do that for you

2.You don’t have to pay for a car wash

Car Driving through Rain Water GIF
“Sir, do you know how fast you were going down Magazine Street?”
“No officer, but did you see how many pedestrians I just cleaned?”

3. The Entire Fly becomes a slip n’ slide

Fat Man on a Slip n Slide small
Just don’t slide into the river. Or the train tracks. Or into the zoo.

4. Gutterpunks Can Take the Day Off From Begging

Hobo Gutterpink Sleeping

You’ll probably make more money as a target for people to throw change at anyway.

5. Jazz Fest is Always More Fun
Man Swimming in the Mud at a Music Festival

Forget about fighting the crowd, lose the shoes and ditch the phone! A rainy Jazz Fest is a great Jazz Fest.

6. Hydroplaning is such a shiny and beautiful way to crash

Car Hydroplaning and Sinking in the Road

Your insurance company is totally going to understand.

7. Your hair will look perfect!

From this…
Curly Hair Before
to this…
Curly Hair After - Perm Afro idk

before you even leave your porch.

8. Your electricity will definitely stay on
Superdome Power Going Out
It’s OK everyone! Entergy is totally on the job:

Electrical Worker Falling through the Floor

9. At least it’s not hot (for now)
Key and Peele Sweating
Thanks for coming back, sun, I’ve always wanted a mid-afternoon outdoor steam room.

10. It never rains inside a bar

Some Rapper Enjoying a Bar with Champagne

Too rainy to get home? May as well grab another round and wait this one out.

Let us know why you love NOLA in the rain in the comments below!

About Eric

Eric is a New Orleans native and graduate of Loyola. He grew up in Kenner and is embarrassed to tell you that. He lives Uptown and frequents local watering holes to socialize with peers. His hobbies include writing, making bad jokes, and casually observing the day to day life of New Orleans.

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