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St. Patrick’s Weekend in NOLA

Uptown House on St. Patrick's Day

Uptown House on St. Patrick’s Day

What do you get you combine the best city in the South and the best holiday in the Western world? St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans. Other cities don’t get to celebrate Mardi Gras with us, but St. Patrick’s Day is a nationwide event. New Orleans is a city that loves to celebrate it’s rich cultural mingling and history. There is a large number of Irish descendants in New Orleans today and they are keeping their traditions alive. That means corned-beef, throwing cabbage and of course, the green beer. But like every other New Orleans holiday, we can’t just have a holiday, there needs to be a parade, with bands and floats and and parties.

I’m here to give you low-down on all the St. Patrick festivities throughout the weekend. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th, but since that day falls on a Monday this year, there will be celebrations throughout this weekend prior.


Even the police can't be made on this the most holy of days

Even the police can’t be made on this the most holy of days

If you want to party in NOLA for St. Patty’s Day, you better bring your A-game, because these guys mean business. It starts early and goes all weekend, so no bitching. Just drink your green beer and find someone to pinch.

Friday, March 14th

Molly’s at the Market Irish Parade- Beginning at 6 PM, Molly’s at the Market is a great Irish bar (you couldn’t tell by the name) that has a small foot parade throughout the Quarter. With carriages and marching bands, the weekend kicks off at 1107 Decatur Street and ends there as well. Not a beer drinker? Molly’s has the most amazing frozen Irish coffees that are sure to keep the party going.

Saturday, March 15th

Morning- Parasol’s Block Party– The weekend is here and the party shall begin! At 3rd Street and Constance, Parasol’s Restaurant begins their annual block party at 10 AM and runs until 8 PM that night at 2533 Constance Street. Bring the family, get set up with the best spot nice and early and spend the rest of the day eating great food, drinking beer and waiting for the parade to start.

Afternoon- Irish Channel Parade- The 66th annual Irish Channel Parade is one of the best (and that is saying a lot in a town that gives a parade for just about anything). The traditional Mass will be held at 12 PM at St. Mary’s Assumption Church and the parade kicks off at 1 PM at Felicity and Jackson. From there, the parade will head down Jackson, left on St. Charles, up Louisiana Ave, and back to Magazine. Get ready for cabbages and onions in your face, which is not a dirty euphemism, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear a dirty limerick or two.

Night- Tracey’s St. Patty’s Day Party- Parasol’s may be the place to be before the parade starts but Tracey’s is where you want to go for after. The party goes until “-til” so you know you’re in the right place. The party begins at 11 AM if you want to go here instead of Parasol’s. St Patty’s day done right can be found at 2604 Magazine Street.

Those cabbage can be slippery little buggers

Those cabbage can be slippery little buggers

Night- Italian American St. Joseph’s Parade– Although the Feast Day of St. Joseph isn’t until March 19th, this year the parade will be held on the 15th. The parade will lead floats, bands and a whole lotta Italian Stallions in tuxedos throughout the streets of the French Quarter. Starts at 6 PM at the intersection of Convention Center Blvd and Girod Street, so if you’re not ready for parade season to be over or you want to celebrate your Italian heritage, try to see this one before you head to the bar.

Sunday, March 16th

Morning- St. Patrick’s Metairie Road Parade- Just because you’re in the suburbs doesn’t mean that you can’t join in wholeheartedly with the rest of the festivities. This is a really great, family oriented parade and don’t worry about not being able to find a bar or restaurant, Metairie Road has several along the parade route. The days gets started at noon in front of Rummel High School on Severn Avenue, then travels down Metairie Road until the parish line.

Irish Bars

Can’t make it to the parades but still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s? Here’s a list of the local Irish bars and restaurants that you can head to and fill up on Guinness and potatoes.

French Quarter

  • Flanagan’s Irish Pub- 625 St. Phillip Street
  • Kerry Irish Pub- 331 Decatur Street
  • Fahy’s Irish Pub- 540 Burgundy Street
  • Ryan’s Irish Pub- 241 Decatur Street


  • Finn McCool’s- 3701 Banks Street
  • Mick’s Irish Pub- 4801 Bienville Street
  • Holy Ground Irish Pub- Corner of South Jeff Davis and Canal Street


  • Happy’s Irish Pub- 1009 Poydras Street


You thought that since St. Patty’s was on a weekday that NOLA was just going to forget to party? No sir, the party’s going all weekend long. So grab your pot of gold (cooler) and head out there with your friends and family and do it big the Irish way!  (drunk and all night long)

The signs of a St. Patty's Day done right

The signs of a St. Patty’s Day done right

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