Foodie Friday: Ninja Sushi, Doing it Right Since ’93

Instead of the usual sandwiches and Mexican food that I and the rest of the guys devour on a regular basis, we decided to go for sushi today at Ninja Sushi on Oak Street. Because we’re cultured and sophisticated, damn it. But no, really, the best part about sushi is that you don’t have to eat a lot of it to be full. You also get to try all kinds of different flavors that the American palate doesn’t normally see.

The first time I actually tried Ninja was during the Po-Boy Fest on Oak Street and even with a line halfway down the block and the customary small portions, I waited for my turn. I don’t remember what exactly I ordered but I remember seriously contemplating if I should wait in line another 10 minutes for another. Typical with sushi, you’re always ordering too much or not enough. Is there such thing as too much sushi? If there is, I don’t want to see what that kind of darkness looks like.

What We Had 

For starters we had Japanese tapas:

Fried baby crabs and fried squid legs

Fried baby crabs
Fried baby crabs

For our entrees we had:

Gomamiso Rolls– Spicy snow crab and cucumber atop a bed of miso sesame dressing. Simple and filling, and I can still button my pants.

Beef Udon– Strips of ribeye set against yummy wheat noodles in a steaming hot beef broth. Think Ramen, but so so so much better.

Katsu Donburi- Breaded pork or chicken with onion and egg. Donburi is Japanese dish meaning “rice bowl dish” that includes simmered meats or fish as well as vegetables set atop a bowl of steamed rice. And let’s face it, egg is delicious in everything. These dishes come in your own cauldron with a smaller bowl of miso soup. All in all, amazing. But be warned, order this when you are hungry because they give a pretty generous serving.

Yakiniku Donburi– Sauteed beef and veggies in garlic broth. So. Freaking. Good.








Beef Udon, Yakiniku Donburi, and Katsu Donburi

The Verdict

Ninja is a great place to grab lunch or dinner with reasonable prices for generous portions. As you walk upstairs to the upper level, you can check out their merchandise and see pictures of celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Mena Suvari enjoying their experience at Ninja.

Ninja has been a New Orleans institution since 1993 claiming to be the “The Finest Sushi Bar and Japanese Kitchen” in the city. With the amazing food and prompt service, it’s hard to argue with that claim.

Do you think Ninja is the best sushi place in New Orleans? Tell us where we should try next week! Do you work at or love a New Orleans restaurant and want to see it featured on Red Beans and Life? Well let us know all about it in our Comments section!

Lunch is in Session
Lunch is in Session

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