April Fools: Applebees in the French Quarter?

April Fools fun at it’s finest! How could you fall for that? The French Quarter is no place for Applebee’s!


Earlier today, Applebee’s CEO and President Zane Tankel announced that he plans on opening New Orleans’ first restaurant where in the former Brennan’s Restaurant building on Royal Street. 

 For years the French Quarter has been home to some of the most famous restaurants in the world, including the likes of Galatoire’s, Antoines and The Palace Cafe, but has never had a major chain restaurant. 

 Applebee’s, a national chain restaurant specializing in mainstream casual American dining, plans to break ground on the new eatery in upcoming months. The restaurant will be a hybrid between their traditional “neighborhood bar and grill” and a more fitting New Orleans concept.  

 Inspired by the success of their “Bourbon Black and Bleu Burger,” Applebee’s corporate executives remark, “New Orleans likes cheap food. And we’re going to give it to them.” Combining their national menu with local favorites such as the Vegan Jambalaya Rice Bowl and the Crayfish Etouffee Pasta, Applebee’s hopes to attract their target demographic of middle class tourists.  

 A part of the Brennan’s family restaurant legacy, the Brennan’s Restaurant closed in June 2013 after filing for bankruptcy. The closing was unexpected and left many employees out of work with no notice. 

 When asked what he felt about the new opening, former owner Owen “Pip” 

Brennan said “Applebees is an American institution unlike any other, and it would be a welcome addition to the city and its culture. Also, people would stop blaming me for losing their job.”  

 Not everyone is happy about the ownership change. According to French Quarter resident and local musician “This is probably the worst thing that could happen in our neighborhood. If I wanted to eat at Applebee’s, I’d go to Veterans (expletive) Highway.”  

 Some restaurateurs have voiced concern as to what this change could mean for tourists visiting the Quarter. “Now instead of getting overpriced, mediocre New Orleans food, tourists can get overpriced, mediocre American food.” commented one restaurant manager.  

 “Luckily tourists will never have to worry about trying food they have never tasted, paying more than $20 per person, or being served with a smile” a former Brennan’s employee said.  

 Tankel said he’s not trying to conform to the city’s long-entrenched high standards for food. 

 “We’re not here to improve the community or culture of the city,” said Tankel. We’re just trying to make money.” 


Sad to see Brennan’s close, but glad this was just a joke. Check out more April Fools fun!


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