April Fools: Lil Boosie’s Surprise Prison Show

If you were a fan of the Trill Farm star himself, this might have been crueler than other jokes. He was just recently released from prison so we wanted to send him back! Red Beans and Life loves Louisiana music and this joke was too funny to pass up. No hard feelings? Here’s the whole article if you want to hold onto the dream a little longer.


Lil Boosie is headed back to prison. Only this time, not as prisoner but as performing artist.

Taking a page from Johnny Cash’s book, Lil Boosie is planning a surprise show at Angola Prison to thank all the inmates and friends he made while on the inside and to record some of the 500 songs he wrote while serving 4 of an 8 year prison sentence for drugs and weapons possession.

“Prison has always been like a second home to me, so it’s gonna be real as sh*t to show my people what I’ve been working on” the Trill Farm superstar said. “I also left some shit in my boy’s locker, one mothaf**** owes me $50 bucks, and I want to sell the album at the Angola Rodeo show.”

The live album, which is expected to hit stores on June 1st will be titled “Lil’ Boosie: Live From Death Row,” and will feature cameos from well-known rappers C-Murder and B.G., who are still currently incarcerated.

Though Boosie hasn’t said exactly when his show will be, he did say it will be “after outside time and before lights out.”

While some prisoners were very excited about the chance to see Boosie “on the outside,” others who had beef with the rapper were quoted as saying “Shit.”

Even the prison warden, who has known “beef” with the rapper, is excited to have him return. When asked how he expected the show to go, he said “If he does anything out of line, we won’t have to take him far.”


While I’m sure he appreciates all his fans wherever they are, I doubt Boosie Bad Azz is headed back to Angola anytime soon. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait for the next album drop. Want to see if we got you going with out other articles? Look here for our April Fools Series!

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