April Fools: The Real Housewives of NOLA?

Before you set your DVR for the premiere of “Real Housewives of New Orleans,” you should probably know this was just a part of our April Fools Day series. Here at Red Beans and Life, we love a good practical joke. So don’t worry, you won’t have to keep track of another bevy of botoxed divorcees and cougars…yet. Here was our story for your viewing entertainment:

The Bravo channel hit series “The Real Housewives” will have a new location to add to their roster, New Orleans, Louisiana set to premiere in the fall of 2014. 

Casting directors have not confirmed any names yet but sources close to the show have leaked a few of the leading ladies, including: 

  • Seletha Smith, the wife of former mayor C. Ray Nagin
  • “Queen of Bounce” Big Freedia
  • R’Aquisha Jones, the owner of R.J.’s Hair and Nails Emporium on St. Claude
  • Bon’Quisha Smith, the wife of Dwayne Smith, owner of the Broad Street Kwick ‘n Go
  • Brittany Brees, wife to New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

 Angelina Jolie has not been available for comment but has been quoted as saying “Please Lord, not in a million years.” 

Filming has already begun in various parts of the city from the Garden District and St. Charles Avenue to Central City and St. Claude. And the drama has already unfolded as sources quote “The ladies aren’t getting along. R’Aquisha and Big Freedia are constantly battle twerking and Brittany is too terrified to say a word.” 

 When asked to comment, Big Freedia simply said “F*uck does hos.” Brittany was not available for comment, and is thought to be somewhere in hiding. 

Andy Cohen will, as always, be the master of disaster on the Reunion Specials and will be answering all your burning questions for the ladies. 

 “If no one gets shot or arrested, we will consider a second season” said network executives. 

 Admit it, we had you going for a second! If you want to see more of the parody articles we circulated, look at our April Fools Day Series! Tell us if we got your goat in our Comments section too!

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