We’re Looking for Paid Writers

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

We all do. This probably isn’t it, but while you’re doing your soul-searching or what have you, you might as well be doing something fun. Red Beans & Life is fun. Writing is fun. Therefore, writing for Red Beans & Life must be fun.

And trust me, it is.

Red Beans & Life is a blog devoted to chronicling the lifestyles of the 20-something crowd in New Orleans. We’ve been doing our thing for about 6 months now, and it seems to be going pretty well. It could be going so much better, though. Thats where you come in. 

We cover a wide variety of topics, such as…

  • Music (weekly concert previews, band spotlights)
  • Drinking (bar reviews, cocktail articles, how to have the best night out in NOLA)
  • Food (restaurant reviews, recipes, where to get the best deserts in NOLA)
  • Dating (where to bring a date, where to break up with your significant other)
  • Sports (draft overviews, game analysis, speculation conversation)
  • Satire (I wish there was a Red Lobster on St. Charles)
  • Buzzfeed style .gif and picture articles
  • etc.

We need some more variety in our writing. We’re more of a blog style site, but are definitely open to more journalistic and in depth stories about New Orleans and how to live life here. You’d be responsible for one article per week, and will be paid $100 per month for your cooperation. In addition to your generous payment of one Benjamin, we also have t-shirts and koozies, because not everyone likes nudity and warm beer. 

Swag on your beer,
Swag on your back.

We take to heart the old wise advice of “write drunk, edit sober.” 

Think you have what it takes? Drop us a line, and in your email, include one good and one bad consequence of national retailers trying to set up shop on Magazine Street AND/OR how you would explain the city to someone in one sentence. Thanks, and hope to hear from you all soon!

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