The Enemy Around Every Corner

KCRW’s 24-Hour Radio Race is a whirlwind day of high-stakes radio making for producers of any experience level. Radio makers from all over the world had 24 HOURS to write, record, and edit a nonfiction radio story. On Saturday, August 2nd, contestants were emailed a theme. They then had 24 hours to create a story that somehow relates to this theme. By Sunday August 3rd at 10AM PT, their finished piece must be posted on Soundcloud for judging.

Check out Team Shoobidoo’s Entry for the Radio Race 2014 “The Enemy Around Every Corner” featuring producers Alana Himber and Mallory Falk.


“They’ve busted your tires and swallowed your bike. They’ve left you with outrageous bills from the auto shop and emergency room. They’re the common enemy lurking around every corner.”


Pretty spot-on right?


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