Five Fitness Classes You Should Try

We’ve almost made it past hurricane season (the weather, not the drink, the drink is always in season) which means that Summer is over and Fall is coming. If your summer was anything like mine, you were too sweaty to do anything besides drink cold beer and eats lots of tacos. Are you a Rum House person or a Juan’s Flying Burrito person?

Time to toss out the lazy summer habits and get back to the gym. Unless you don’t like the gym in which case this round up of awesome fitness classes is perfect for you. Here are five classes around New Orleans that will add a new kick to your fitness regimen if running around Audubon Park or biking to work is getting a little stale.

1. Yoga


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you know that people love and I mean LOVE yoga. If you’re already a yogi, then good for you (seriously). I’m jealous of your tank top arms, Lulu Lemon butt and zen outlook on life. If you want to give yoga a chance without breaking the bank, Wild Lotus Yoga is having a deal that’s pretty hard to resist. First time customers can get a month of unlimited yoga for only $33. If a month of yoga seems too scary, check out a community class at Freret Street Yoga. Your first five community classes are free!

2. Pure Barre


 If you always wanted to be a ballerina but never really got the chance (you know, life happens), this class is a fun way to pretend you’re a dancer with this ballet barre workout.  While it can be tough and rather expensive ($20-$25 for a drop in), if you stick with it, you’ll see serious results.  New customers can check out Pure Barre for a month of unlimited classes for only $100. Additionally Barre3 offers 3 for $30 class deal for new customers.  Both studios offer 6am classes which can perfect for that before work workout.

3. Zumba


If you want to work out and never stop smiling, try a Zumba class. There’s something pretty hilarious about simultaneously feeling like a Beyonce back up dancer and your mom at an 80’s aerobics class. This cardio dance craze is all ages and all sorts of awesome.  Check out Zumba with Danielle for a $10 drop in class. Just be sure to check your ego at the door because when you’re doing booty shakes to Justin Timberlake, being embarrassed will only get in your way.

4. Dancing (and we’re not talking about Tap Class)


Speaking of checking your ego at the door, channel your inner vixen and take a sexy dance class at Crescent Lotus Dance Studio. They offer a wide variety of dance classes such as belly dance, pole fitness, burlesque, salsa, bounce fitness and west african dance. Their classes range from $10-$15 for a drop in and will leave you sweaty and fabulous.

5. Pilates


If yoga feels a little too hippy-dippy for you, check out Pilates for a great stretching and strengthening workout without having to say “om” at the end. Pilates provides many of the same physical benefits of yoga such as improved posture, flexibility, physical strength and mental awareness. If you want to give it a try, Nola Pilates offers $5 community classes. If you’re looking to splurge, check out Romney Pilates for a $25 drop in reformer pilates class.

These are all affordable and fun classes to try. Get back in shape without breaking your bank!

About Anna

Anna Rajo-Miller is a New Orleans transplant that spends her time overeating to compensate for lost years and thus, lost meals. She loves food, fun and festivals so basically, everything New Orleans has to offer.

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