What The Kids Are Wearing These Days

These are the biggest trends that have and continue to be absolutely everywhere. In the high fashion world many of these items have already had their ‘moment’ but in the real world, and especially the New Orleans world, we run a little bit behind schedule. What the models and celebrities wear one season is what the real people wear a couple seasons and even years later. If you’re up on your fashion game, you’re probably sick of these trends. If you’re not, this is what the kids are wearing and you should be too. They’ve been around for a while so who knows how long they’ll last but hey, I just call it how I see it.  Right now, this is what I can’t stop seeing.

1. Birkenstocks

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Everyone and their mother (actually though, my mom has been wearing these since before I was born) seems to be toting these ‘Jesus Sandals’ that used to be reserved for Europeans and Santa Cruz hippies.  They’re comfy, they’re casual and they were everywhere this summer. Pair your Birkenstocks with socks to keep wearing these babies as the temperature drops.

2. Boyfriend Jeans

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Slightly slimmer than the boyfriend jeans of previous seasons, these are light to medium wash, distressed and cuffed just above the ankle. They are often paired with some fresh kicks, sexy heels or of course, the favorite Birks. Whatever shoe you choose, a white tee seems to be the essential way to style the look.

3. Overalls

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Another item your mom probably owned before you were born and a staple of your childhood, overalls are an oldie but goodie that have come back in a variety of new ways. Perfect for hot New Orleans summer that is almost warm New Orleans fall (that will last about a month ) is the short variety, most reminiscent of your GAP Kids days. There is skinny and sleek and then a house-painter-chic look of baggy and casual.

4. Hats

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I am a firm believer in hats. I am down for anything that can simultaneously hide my greasy roots between washes and instantly make me look stylish/ important/ someone that goes out to brunch. There is a hat for everyone. Panama hats for Summer, Indiana Jones hats for Fall and baseball hats for feeling like a badass tomboy or celebrity at a basketball game. The question is never “to hat or not to hat?” but rather, “which hat?”

5. Backpacks

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In New Orleans even though the streets are notoriously terrible, the landscape is flat which makes for good biking if you can avoid all the potholes. Whether you’re biking to save costs, the environment or simply want to stay in shape, the perfect way to do it is with a backpack as they leave your hands free to navigate the rugged terrain. Colorful and Swedish, 90s leather  (another one of your moms hand me downs), or vintage designer are a few ways to wear this backpack as a purse. Note: backpacks can also be worn sans bike.


Enjoy fitting in or standing out, depending on how you feel about these five trends, just rock your own style and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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Anna Rajo-Miller is a New Orleans transplant that spends her time overeating to compensate for lost years and thus, lost meals. She loves food, fun and festivals so basically, everything New Orleans has to offer.

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