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Where to treat your furry friend in Nola

While party animals have plenty of places to hang here in town, we can’t forget about our furry animals too! They stick by us through thick and thin, cheer us up when we’re down, and mooch off of us constantly, yet we still love them. Fortunately, our town offers plenty of fun things to do with our furry friends, and with all the heavy drooling, intense couch laying, and dedicated tail wagging they give us everyday, don’t they deserve to have a little fun too? If you’re the kind of person who says “my baby” and means “my dog,” then check out our picks for the top spot for you and your best friend.

Yappy Hour

Lap up a Beer

If you’re tired of drinking out of the same old water bowl, why not bring your pooch to a new spot? The Bulldog is a historical institution (in dog years at least), and definitely caters to a canine crowd, but there are a ton of options if you and your buddy are sniffing out a new scene. I recently took Pongo to Dat Dog, and I am not even kidding when I say that he got better service than I did. It’s no surprise since the place has the word “dog ” all over it, but I was not expecting the Beyonce diva-style status that Pongo garnered when we strolled in the gate. I sat down after peeking at the draft beer selection and three seconds later Pongo had a cold, fresh bowl of water, a pile of treats, and three servers in Hawaiian shirts swooning over him. He just layed there, with his paws crossed, soaking it all in.

Keep in mind that the closing of the Bridge Lounge does not mean the end of dog meets dive bar. If you and Rover are into a grungier scene, try the R Bar. The Rusty Nail also has a nice patio for the two of you and your friends and his friends!

Paws-on Fun

swim dog2
Cool in the Pool

It’s September, which means we’ve got about a month of swimming pool weather left. Grab a couple towels and bring your dog to the pooch pool at Canine Connection. You can book half-hour splash sessions, and chances are the doggie pool is way, way cleaner than any kiddie pool in town!

Dogs can’t dance salsa or paint a canvas over a glass of wine, but they like to learn new tricks too! Sign your furry kid up for a challenging new class like agility or flyball. After these interactive classes you’ll both have something new to show off to your friends.

zen pet
Toys on Toys

Remember that feeling you got when your parents pulled up to the toy store and said you can pick one thing, whatever you want! Pass that feeling down a generation and give your dog a good dose of materialism. Petcetera has a ton of unique toys and treats, particularly for smaller dogs. A little further up Magazine you’ll find Zen Pet with a selection of destruction-resistant favorites (like Kongs) for the bigger guys. The fact that I live in equal walking distance to both of these two boutiques makes Pongo a very spoiled lucky doggie.



Serious Playtime!

Sit, Come, Play!

We’re seeing more and more dog parks in Nola, and places like Wisner Playground and City Bark are a fun place to bring the dogs. Sometimes you want to switch it up and blaze a new trail or meet a new crowd. Fortunately our friends over at Villalobos Rescue Center have just acquired a couple of lots to build a brand new doggie play area in the 9th ward. If you and your pet enjoy American pastimes keep an eye out for the next Bark in the Park at Zephyr Field.

New Orleans is friendly in many ways, so it’s only logical that we have a good selection of dog-friendly activities in our city. Happy hour, shopping, or long walks in the park, or whatever your interests think about bringing your best buddy next time. You’ll both enjoy it more!

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Lauren is an uptown girl that enjoys long strolls in Audubon Park with her lab mix Pongo. Her philosophy on Nola life is that you don't ever really get used to the heat, you just get used to glistening.

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