NOLA Kickstarters You Gotta Support

If there’s one thing that Red Beans and Life condones, other than drinking heavily, it’s supporting local kickstarters heavily. Check out a few of these fundraisers that are in need of some New Orleans love (and your money).

Olivia’s Half Marathon


Regardless of you who are, if you see an animal’s face, chances are you’re going to donate money to whatever the cause. Luckily, for all of us, Olivia’s Half Marathon features a cute pup plus a portion of the proceeds are going to the LA-SPCA, where Olivia adopted two furry friends of her own, Louie and Gator. The race Olivia is running is the Houma Heart and Soles Half Marathon, presented by Cardiovascular Institute of the South and Terrebone General Medical Center, which takes place in November and benefits the awareness and education of cardiovascular screenings in the community.

Numb: a collaboration with the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

An excerpt from their Kickstarter campaign:

“Numb is a performance about the ecstasy and limits of pain relief told through the history of anesthesiology.

Numb is a collaborative theater project between Goat in the Road ProductionsNew Orleans Pharmacy Museum, and the Cachet Arts and Culture Program that explores the complicated history of anesthesiology.  It’s a play that looks at the ecstasy and intoxication of drugs that alter human consciousness in a quest for pain-free surgery, and the often forgotten human stories that accompany advancement.”

Your donation to this kickstarter will help fund the dedicated and talented people involved in making this show come to life. Funds raised will also go towards marketing and publicity, sound equipment, and programs and fliers to help spread the word.

All Good Farms

The main objective of All Good Farms is to use modern, sustainable farm techniques to feed, educate and employ. The goal is to provide local, fresh and sustainable food to the community of New Orleans through local farmers markets, local restaurants and local grocery stores all while having a positive impact on the community and environment. Sounds like an A+ idea, in my humble opinion.

The primary method of All Good Farms in growing food is through the use of hydrophonics.


Hydroponics is one of the most sustainable ways to grow food, according to Michael Shane Gunter, the man behind All Good Farms. They use a closed loop re-circulating system that pumps organic, nutrient-rich water from a reservoir over the roots of plant. The plants take what they need and then the water is recaptured and redistributed back over the roots. Because of the recapturing and redistributing, no water is lost via drainage or evaporation. It’s all recycled. Talk about going green, Michael! Hydrophonics also uses roughly 90% less water than standard farming, but allows farmers to grow in the same amount of space as a standard, less eco-friendly farmer.


Momma Tried Magazine

With one issue already out, Momma Tried is being hailed as “a print-only nudie mag that combines the thoughtful construction of an installation piece, with the academic curation of a journal.” The second edition is a labor of love inspired by the Warhol, the male body and the “the practice of witchcraft and the bonds between women.” I know what you’re thinking, why  should I support pornography? Well I would have to respond that it depends on your idea of pornography. This isn’t the Pornhub publication, this is artwork that isn’t afraid to put out there what others may not consider “decent.” And here at Red Beans, we love everything that isn’t considered “decent” (within reason). The next issue is set to explore “the complexities of polyamory, an experimental film review, a Faulknerian masterpiece about bullfighting, investigative journalism, feminist art criticism, lush allegorical fiction that explores the principles of Buddhist Tantra.” They are five days away from their end period and still need about $3,000.

Read something different, explore a new genre, see what you think. That’s all they and we ask.



The Kickstarters I have listed for you are simply skimming the surface of all of the great ways to give back to the people of New Orleans. Every idea has to start somewhere, and you could be part of the next big thing. So if you don’t feel like doing a service in honor of someone else, then do it in honor of your future self. Everybody wins.

If that didn’t convince you, then maybe these parting words will. I present you with an excerpt from a song we all know and love. A song which speaks to our souls, and our wallets. A song by New Orleans’ very own lyrical mastermind and sometimes (probably) philanthropist, Lil Wayne:

“If you got money, and you know it, then take it out your pocket and show it then throw it.”

He always knows what to say.

Have any other NOLA kickstarters to add to our list? You know where to leave ’em!

(It’s in the Comments Section if you haven’t figured it out yet)

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