6 Reasons You Should Go to Voodoo Festival

1. It’s a Festival

I mean, why do I have to explain this? Festivals = Fun. Festival in New Orleans = Blackout Fun. There are people and they’re having fun. THERE WAS A REASON FOR WOODSTOCK. People love to congregate with other cool people, so if you’re cool, you’re going. I always saw these kind of photos and was like “It can’t really be like that.”

It can. So shall it be.


2. There is Music

The lineup for this year does not suck. Repeat: DOES NOT SUCK. There have been a few years in between when that lineup went public and everyone was just like:

But luckily, they have learned from their mistakes and have blessed us with an amazing lineup this year. Headliners include Outkast, Foo Fighters, Skillrex, Arctic Monkeys, Zedd, Pretty Lights, Thiryy 30 Seconds to Mars and so many of the city’s best local bands. So now we’re all like:

Here is the lineup.

3. There’s, like history and stuff

This will be the 15th anniversary of Voodoo. It began at Yuleman Stadium as just one of many fun festivals in New Orleans. The first acts were Wyclef Jean and Moby, even Eminem played when he released the Slim Shady LP. Now Voodoo is considered one of those “elite festivals” because of how big it has become, the headliners and the highway robbery price of tickets. Go you Voodoo. Go you.

4. The Food Situation is On Point

Ya’ll there are few things as wonderful in this world as having access to not only some of the city’s best restaurants, but their best dishes. Sometimes, they make dishes only available at Voodoo so you go to the restaurant and cry sad little bitch tears cause they don’t have “the dish you at 17 times at Voodoo.” You think that’s an accident? Grow up. It’s all a perfect marketing plan. This year, munchies will be provided by all those mentioned in this article cause I’m too excited to type them all out.

5. It is at City Park

I like to think all of New Orleans is beautiful but there is just something about City Park. The lush grass, the shade giving trees, the wide open space. It’s so great getting to have this amazing festival in City Park. There are rides, games, and all kinds of fun activities to do. It’s like being in a festival / amusement park / forest all weekend. And with this beautiful weather, you just can’t beat it.

6. Its Halloween!

Okay, so do you understand the rarity of Voodoo Festival falling on Halloween Day, let me tell you…1 out 7! That’s 14%! That’s small! It is a whole other atmosphere. Everyone in cotsume, everyone’s raging, no one cares. So make out with that guy dressed as Gumby or dance with all the Village People. Either way, just have a good time. That is the one rule. Have fun or leave.


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Morgan was born in Georgia, raised in Louisiana, a Southern gal through and through. A graduate of the University of New Orleans, she loves her Saints, her city and inserting thinly veiled sarcasm throughout all her writing.