Move into Mo-vember

October is an awesome month in New Orleans. The weather gets gorgeous, fall festivals abound, and Frenchman Street becomes a drunken costumed bonanza. But just because October is over doesn’t mean we have to be disappointed! November brings some great things too. Starting with Dia de los Muertos and moving into Thanksgiving there’s still a lot to look forward to. However, there’s an overarching theme that I look forward to around this time each year. It’s a time where men show off their manliness with an extra element of facial foliage, and for a good cause. Welcome Mo-vember, it feels like a year since you’ve been here! Here’s your plan to jumping on the mustachioed bandwagon and showing of your upper lip locks to the rest of New Orleans.

mustache dache
Mo’ money, no problem

Step 1: Raise the handlebar

While generally acceptable for a few distinct gentlemen with amenable facial structures, mustaches can be found on the faces of many during the month of November. The point of “mo” mayhem is to raise funds in support of men’s health, namely prostate and testicular cancer-fighting foundations. The first step in achieving Mo-vember mastery is gaining support from your peers. Moral support is nice, but cold hard cash is king. There are a variety of sites out there to help you raise funds in support of your fellow man. Register your crumb catcher here or here, and remember to follow the rules…mustaches are not something to take lightly.

Step 2: Get in shape

Art of Shaving Mustache
Freshen your face space

If you need a little encouragement to get your mo-nth started let The Art of Shaving ease you into the ‘stache. Their store on Canal St. hosts mustache shaving parties throughout the month. They’ll even throw in a complimentary shaving towel and brush that will leave you well-equipped to face the month ahead. While you’re there pick up a few fancy man products for daily maintenance.

Growing a ‘stache is not a demonstration of laziness; it’s an art! Like the grounds of Versailles, your facial fur must be well-landscaped if it’s going to stay for thirty days. Fortunately there are a few experts in town who are happy to help you bloom your bristle. The hair care masterminds at Modern Men on Hampson Street offer Mustache Grooming for your “Modern-stache,” and when Mo-vember is over you can even book a shaving party for you and all of your do-gooder hair-growing companions.

Step 3: Show it off

mustache dache
‘Stache with swagger

Jump forward a few weeks. It’s early December and you’ve worked hard on that nose tickler. It has filled in so nicely and it would be a shame to shave it now after all of that hard work, right? There’s still time to enjoy the glory that comes with having a ‘stache. How about giving it one last hurrah by parading its perspiration preventing powers around town? Enter the Mustache Dache on December 6th, and  you’ll have one final chance to strut your ‘stache in the name of charity. The 5k event also features costumes, a mustache competition, and an on-theme finisher’s medal/bottle opener. Having a mustache certainly has its perks.

A mustache is more than just facial hair. It comes swith a certain je ne sais quoi that charms the pants off of the ladies. Seize your testosterone and embrace the power of the mustache. You’ll raise money for a good cause and look damn good doing it!

Tell us, where’s your favorite place to flaunt your best fuzzy facial feature?

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