Five Fall Fashion Trends

After much anticipation, the cold weather has officially arrived. Time to stow away your summer fashion favorites and bring out the clothes that will keep you warm in deceivingly chilly New Orleans winter. Everyone talks about how hot New Orleans summer is but for a Southern California raised girl like myself,  my first New Orleans Fall/Winter took me by surprise. I would have appreciated a heads up about how cold the winters are. If there are any recent transplants out there, let me warn you, it gets cold. Not snowing cold, but cold enough where if you don’t have any fall/winter clothing, you should get some. Here are a few Fall fashion trends that will keep you warm and stylish.

1. Beanies



Perfect for that in between weather, beanies will keep you warm but will leave you without a bulky jacket to carry around if it  warms up throughout the day and you need to adjust your outfit. You can go for something chunky, bright, or with a logo to add some flair to your fall outfit.

2. Plaid



A shift from the plaid flannel button ups we all have in our closets, this Fall is the season to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe in a different way. Try accessorizing with a plaid scarf, brightening up an all black ensemble with a plaid statement piece or going bold and wearing plaid on plaid as your whole outfit. However you wear it, you can’t go wrong with this festive print.


3. Sweatshirts


Whether you’re wearing boyfriend jeans, skinnies or baggy trousers, the perfect fall top is a loose grey sweatshirt. You can rummage through thrift stores to find the perfect vintage piece, opt for a more structured look by wearing a button up underneath, or go crisp and casual with plain and classic. Whatever you do, be sure to wear a pair of cool sneakers.

4. Fringe


Inspired by 70s Southwestern hippie style, fringe accents are in and perfect for funky New Orleans. From festivals to concerts to restaurants, this look is versatile and can be dressed up or down for almost any venue or occasion. Go big and bold with a dramatic look, old school retro or mix it up with a fringe accented purse to get a little taste of the stylish look.

5. Oversize Knits



Bundle up in an oversize knit to hide from the cold and get over the fact that Halloween is over and start looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. This casual day-to-day look can be accomplished with a turtleneck pullover, long cardigan or chunky scarf.


 Enjoy the cold weather in style!

About Anna

Anna Rajo-Miller is a New Orleans transplant that spends her time overeating to compensate for lost years and thus, lost meals. She loves food, fun and festivals so basically, everything New Orleans has to offer.

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