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Halloween decorations are stowed away, replaced with weirdly shaped gourds that look like they have some sort of skin disease. Men aren’t shaving, your mom keeps emailing you recipes for Thanksgiving cocktails because that’s been your designated department since you turned 21. November, also the perfect time to put on a chunky sweater and head out to the movies.  Go either on a date night, lazy sunday afternoon or during Thanksgiving when you need to disappear for a couple hours before the cooks in the kitchen give you a cutting board and something to chop. But alas, where exactly you decide to go see your movie can certainly say a lot about who you are.

1. Prytania Theater



Full of old people and hipsters, Prytania Theater is the oldest single-screen movie theater still operating in Louisiana. Here you’re wearing a grandpa cardigan because you 1) are a grandpa or 2) think it’s cool to dress like one. Although they only show one movie at a time, they have great taste and usually show something you want to see. They also show oldies which paired with their $5.75 matinee prices are where the seniors and freelancers flock to. Since it’s Uptown and close to the universities, you might catch a young couple talking too loudly about how cute and old fashioned everything looks, especially when the “Let’s All Go To The Lobby” song comes on.



2. Canal Place



Ooh, you fancy huh? Reclining leather seats, truffle oil popcorn, dine-in restaurant and bar while you watch your movie? Theaters at Canal Place has it all.  You’re either here on a date or trying to figure out a way to spend all the money you make. With tickets at $14.50, $6.50 popcorn and a $10 glass of wine, this movie is going to cost you. That said, if you’re trying to show a special someone that you can treat them to a great film and a cheese plate at the same time, you’ll be heading downtown for this classy joint.


3. AMC Clearview 20AMC_Exterior_Wide


The Everyman’s Theater because there is something for everyone. With 20 screens, there is bound to be a movie for all walks of life at AMC Clearview 20. If you’re at this theater you 1) must really love movies because you drove to Clearview and put up with bathrooms with no toilet paper or  2) want to watch something at a reasonable price that isn’t screening at The Prytania. This is the place for the humble movie lover.  The theater can be messy, loud and crowded but it’s the one of the only places close by that screens lots of films. You don’t need truffle oil popcorn, Nachos and an Icee will do just fine.


4. Indywood

indywood pic


Tucked away on Elysian Fields, Indywood is the hippest of the hippest where Marigny dwellers and independent filmmakers come to enjoy the novelty of this charming DIY looking theater. Tickets are only $7 and it’s BYOB so this is where hipsters go on dates. Sampson siblings Will and Hayley opened this theater and are passionate about screening Louisiana made films. Among the (road) bikers drinking PBRs, you will find local filmmakers supporting the Hollywood of the South.


5. Entergy IMAX



IMAX Theater next to the aquarium? You’re 11. Or babysitting an 11 year old. Or you’re on acid. Great idea if you’re walking around the Quarter and want to give your feet a rest.

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