Street Artist Wrdsmth in New Orleans

Street art is nothing new in New Orleans. Whether it be graffiti, murals on the side of homes, Prospect, or intermittent reminders of “LOVE”, New Orleans is known as a city open to the brushes and palates of whatever artist finds inspiration. Last week, street artist Wrdsmth visited New Orleans and began his campaign. Known for his signature typewriter and quote, his remarks about New Orleans are a reminder that although we catch a lot of shit locally and nationally, there is something here. Something intrinsically good and remarkable.

Wrdsmth isn’t like other street artists. His identity doesn’t need to remain a secret. On Wrdsmth’s Facebook page, many New Orleanians commented that they had met him, spoken with him casually, he even takes pictures by his art sometimes. It just goes to show that he is a wordsmith, the words matter above all else.

Laura Steffan is a New Orleans based photographer known for capturing the cultural details that contribute to the city’s charismatic and magical presence. At a young age, Laura found photographic beauty in the subtle details of the beaches, swamps, and agricultural landscapes she would come across when traveling through the Gulf South regions of Louisiana with her family. While attending the University of New Orleans, she found that the city captivated her spirit, and Laura expressed her love of the Crescent City through her unique and poignant photography, earning recognition in various publications. Laura was kind enough to reach out to Red Beans and Life, sharing these unique and beautiful photos she captured.

You can find more of Laura Steffan’s work on her website or check out her gorgeous Instagram.











Wrdsmth really seemed to capture the essence of our fair city, misplaced and poignant. Hurry and find these before they are taken away.

Thank you to Laura Steffan for these remarkable photographs and to Mr. Wrdsmth, hope to see you soon.

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