15 People You’ll Meet This Mardi Gras

Your Mardi Gras experience will be unique. The people you see won’t be. Get ready to spot each and every one of these over the next week.

1. The Girl Who Lost All Her Friends.


Seriously? Where are you guys? I don’t know where I am. WHO AM I? COME FIND ME!!

2.The Cops that Don’t Give a Shit

21 jump street

Don’t touch that horse either.

3.The Overworked Server

Tired waitstaff

Oh, you want to see my manager? Yeah, me too. Kill yourself.

4.The Tourist


And all the local girls be like

beyonce no

5. The Sorority Girls

What they think they look like

sorority chicks

What they really look like


“Like, can we all fit in the port-a-potty?”

6. The Frat Bros

What they see


What’s really happening


Let’s get some brewskis for my broskis, ja feel?

7. The High Schoolers

sorority 2

And you’re just like

youths schmidtty


8. The Drunk Moms

mom dancing

And their kids:

gimme that mom


9. The Angry Elderly

mean old lady

I caught that doubloon, honey. Don’t think I won’t hit an old lady in public.

10. The Overly Competitive Child


That’s when you hit em with this

hate kids

11. The Mardi-Gras Break-Up Couple

Sober, walking to the parade:

fighting couple

One gallon of 190 Octane later:

too touchy

12. The Dead-Drunk Guy


Yes, you are allowed to take their beads.

13. The Bathroom Hunter 


Cut the line and get cut.

14. The Body Painter Who Shouldn’t Have

body paint

At least paint on some abs next time!

15. The Big Chief

big cheif

His tribe. His rules.

Good Luck and Godspeed to Us All…

cheers bitches

Need more Mardi Gras in your life? Learn the Do’s and Don’ts from our experts (it was written while wearing beads and drinking daiquiris, so it has to be correct).

If you don’t need more Mardi Gras in your life – then you’re just wrong, and we’ve got the facts to prove it.

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Morgan was born in Georgia, raised in Louisiana, a Southern gal through and through. A graduate of the University of New Orleans, she loves her Saints, her city and inserting thinly veiled sarcasm throughout all her writing.

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