Interested in Red Beans and Life? We’re on a bit of hiatus, since Mardi Gras 2015. Yes, we’re aware it’s now 2018. Look, if you do Mardi Gras right it takes three years to recover. But more info on what we were is below:

Red Beans and Life is about learning to love both the beauty and the beast of New Orleans. It’s about seeing Galactic on Lundi Gras then rallying just to catch a coconut at Zulu on Mardi Gras Day. It’s about knowing where to get the cheapest Abita in town (unless you’re at Snakes, in which case you should drink a Schlitz). It’s about celebrating every�Friday�during the summer with a free show at Tips. It’s about knowing when to eat oysters, when to eat crawfish and when to eat both. It’s about finding company in the city that yearns to be everyone’s friend, regardless of who ya’ mamma is. It’s about respecting the past, but more importantly, looking to the future.

To put it simply, Red Beans and Life is a blog made for New Orleanians by New Orleanians, both new and old, who yearn to make this the great city it can be while also having some fun in the process.

And no, it’s not N’awlins, we don’t all practice voodoo, and I’ve never been to a gumbo party, although that doesn’t sound like the worst idea in the world.

Trying to talk to us? Well it’s hard to hear you through the internet! But you’ll have a better chance on our contact us page.