Foodie Fridays: You Knead to Taste Breads on Oak

Welcome to Red Beans & Life’s Foodie Fridays, where we’ll review a (relatively) new restaurant. We’ll let you know if it’s worth trying, or if you’ll be washing your mouth out with some diesel afterwards.

First up, is Breads on Oak.

Breads On Oak

The Good: It’s delicious. The selection is massive. And you can even bring your vegan friends.

The open area of the kitchen is a nice touch, and you’ll get to see the bakers scurrying around with orders, and massive loaves of bread. From the looks of it, the business is mostly run off of deliveries of bread to other restaurants around the city, but don’t let that put you off. The customer service is wonderful, with the folks behind the glass are happy to answer any questions. And if you don’t know French, you might have just a few questions. But that’s the fun of trying new things, isn’t it?

The Bad: Seating for only about 15 – 20 means it can get a little bit crowded during the lunch rush, but there’s outdoor seating for when New Orleans’ weather feels like cooperating.

Lagniappe: The bread, while wonderful, won’t provide you with a full meal. Their sandwiches, though, will. They might look smaller than a subway foot-long, but the flavor more than makes up for it. Add to that some delicious crunch on the bread, and it’s quite filling to. So next time you’re thinking of listening to Jared, do the right thing and go to Breads on Oak instead. Unless it’s Februany, of course.

Breads on Oak Sandwiches

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