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NOLA’s Trivia Nights

Are you competitive? Do you like drinking, eating and owning a whole crowd at 90’s sitcom facts? Then you should probably put those skills to good use at one of the many trivia nights that the New Orleans bar and restaurant scene has to offer.

If you’ve never experienced a trivia night in New Orleans, it should shoot straight up to the top of your NOLA bucket list. Though every trivia night has something unique to offer, the general idea is the same; hanging out with friends, family, coworkers, or strangers and work together to win prizes, drink and shit talk to everyone else playing. It’s all in good fun!

So with that, here is your guide to the weekly Trivia Nights around NOLA.



So many activities at Barcadia!
So many activities at Barcadia!

It is no surprise that Barcadia would have a Trivia Night considering the entire premise of the bar is having fun with activities and games. Located in the Yuppie mecca of New Orleans, the Warehouse District, Barcadia has tons of room for you and your friends to move around, two bars, outdoor seating and all of your favorite arcade games. Plus it is only a short walk from some of the city’s best and newest restaurants in case you get hungry after dominating at Trivia. Or you could order off of their menu or try their wing specials every Monday. I’m not sure if they have it yet, but they had the best food at Hogs 4 The Cause (pulled pork-Mac’n’cheese balls).

Though Barcadia might be slightly more expensive than your neighborhood watering hole, it’s still a great place to have some old school fun. Trivia begins at 7 P.M.

Finn McCool’s 

If you want more of a neighborhood atmosphere, head over to Finn

Best Irish Pub in Midcity
Best Irish Pub in Midcity

McCool’s in Mid-City. They have shuffleboard, arcade games, pinball, and pool tables not to mention an awesome Pub Quiz Night. Be sure to get a seat early because with specials like 5 domestic longnecks for $9 and 5 import longnecks for $13, seating fills up quickly for the Quiz Nights. It all starts at 8 P.M.


The Bulldog in Midcity

The Bulldog is a NOLA institution and people flock to Mid-city every Tuesday for their Trivia Night. Bring your friends and your dogs and sit outside while you take no prisoners with 80’s music knowledge and $1 off local pints. Trivia night starts 7 P.M.

Dat Dog 

Speaking of Dogs, head to Dat Dog on Tuesday nights to enjoy artisan franks and a super fun trivia night. The night begins at 7:30 and being so close to all the fun places on Freret Street, after you win Trivia, you can head somewhere else to celebrate your winnings.

Bayou Beer Garden

If you’re in Mid-City, Bayou Beer Garden is a great place to go with a large group, sit outside and enjoy classic tunes and some hilarious trivia. The outdoor decks and garden have tons of space for you to spread out with friends and enjoy some Disco fries (fries with roast beef debris gravy and cheese) while you take over the Trivia competition. Be there at 8 so you don’t miss the beginning.


Gasa Gasa 

Should you lose Trivia at Dat Dog the night before, you can always head down to Gasa Gasa for vengeance. Get there early to avoid covers, Trivia Night starts at 7 P.M.

Mural outside of Gasa Gasa
Mural outside of Gasa Gasa

Mellow Mushroom

If you need sustenance while you play Trivia, stop at some of the new Mellow Mushrooms that have sprung up around the city. There is one on Oak Street and another on Veterans Blvd in Metairie. Prizes to be determined but pizza to be had. And look at it this way, if you lose, you can still drown your sorrows in garlic pretzels!

Begins at 7:30 P.M.

Twelve Mile Limit

Despite its relatively young age, Twelve Mile Limit is quickly becoming a favorite of many in the Mid-City area. The bartenders are super knowledgable and friendly, there are pool tables and if you hate smoking, you’re in luck because it is not allowed inside this bar! Trivia Night begins at 8 P.M.


The Quisby

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, this hostel’s fearless bartender, Reid, leads the group on a trivia journey. Show off your mastery of the obscure, the esoteric, and the occasional Kardashian. First place and runner-ups get a bar tab!

Carrollton Station 

If you don’t like the loud, smoky atmosphere that most trivia nights seem to exude, Carrollton Station is a nice, quiet Uptown bar with lots of seating, a great picnic area in the back and a non-smoking environment. Hop on the streetcar if you want to avoid driving. Enjoy trivia with their delicious kitchen and live music.

Begins at 7 P.M.

Photo Courtesy of GoLocalProv
Photo Courtesy of GoLocalProv

Pal’s Lounge

Pal’s is one of my favorite bars in the whole city. It’s cool and casual but still fun and young. They have delicious cocktails and a whole coffee menu if you need a pick-me-up. Pop up restaurants appear when they want to and the bartenders are so friendly. Trivia night begins at 8 P.M.

Of course those are just some of the many trivia nights scattered throughout New Orleans. Those are some of the best, though. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be there cursing out the whole bar if I lose and buying rounds when I win. Have fun!

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