New Orleans’ Late Night Munchies

So we’ve all been there. It’s a little after 1 AM. You’ve been out or just got off work. You’ve been drinking. A lot. And what happens?

You’re so hungry. Like must eat to absorb the copious amounts of alcohol present in your stomach. But since it’s so late, finding a good spot that put up with your drunk ass is easier said than done. So I’m here to give you the go-to list.


1. The Jimani Lounge

Pronounced “Gemini,” the Jimani Lounge is where a majority of the French Quarter service industry goes after they get off work. You’ll find your bartenders, servers, bussers and runners in their uniforms looking for cheap drinks and quick, delicious food. Located on Iberville and Royal, Jimani has a huge menu of delicious bar food that will have you coming here all the time afterwards. My recommendation for food: the Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese. Your choice of cheese, I demand that you try it with pepperjack and cheddar. It’s two grilled cheeses sandwiches melted together to perfection on white bread. Don’t feel like walking all the way to Iberville? Call ahead and there’s a good chance they’ll deliver. Did I just make all your dreams come true?

Jimani Lounge
Jimani Lounge


Verti Marte, located at Gov. Nicholls and Royal
Verti Marte, located at Gov. Nicholls and Royal

2. Verti Marte

You’ll find a majority of these restaurants on this list are in the French Quarter but don’t worry if you don’t like to prowl the Quarter late at night, I have others to mention. But Verti Marte isn’t just one of my favorite places to eat at night, it’s one of my favorites any time of the day. Located on the corner of Governor Nicholls and Royal Street, Verti Marte is teeny-tiny and yet they make some of the best food I’ve ever had. There blackboard menu boasts their numerous, numerous food options (they aren’t all always in stock) but it’s all hot and cooked to order. Once again, if you are close enough but don’t feel like going all the way there, there is the possibility of delivery.


3. Bud’s Broiler

All you have to do is say Bud’s and people know what you want

Can’t talk about late night eats without mentioning the almighty Bud’s. It’s the usual burger, po-boys, sandwiches but there is nothing in this world like a Bud’s burger. Bud’s Broiler can be found either Uptown on Calhoun Street or in Mid-City on City Park Avenue.


Did you think I was kidding?
Did you think I was kidding?

4. City Diner

City Diner opened in New Orleans a few years ago and it is the place to go for late night food when you are in the suburbs. But they have recently opened a City Diner in the CBD on Baronne Street so you can head over there for your favorite diner food and breakfast. If you’re starving, go for a stack of their pancakes. They are the size of hub-caps (this isn’t a joke, if you want them to go, they give you a pizza box!) but fluffy and delicious. Something a little lighter? The Bottom of the Bowl entree is a bread bowl with crawfish cream sauce with crawfish, shrimp and crabmeat.


5. Angeli’s on Decatur

Looking for yummy Italian food late at night? My favorite place to recommend my hungry friends is Angeli’s on Decatur. Down the street from Coop’s and Molly’s, Angeli’s is very relaxed restaurant with delicious sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and salads. They stay open until about 2, sometimes 3 depending on who is working. The staff are friendly but they also aren’t going have sunshine coming out of their ass. My recommendation: the Portabello Mushroom Pasta or the Angeli’s Special Sandwich.

Angeli's on Decatur
Angeli’s on Decatur


6. Daisy Duke’s

Daisy Duke's in the French Quarter 24/7 breakfast
Daisy Duke’s in the French Quarter 24/7 breakfast

Opened 24 hours, Daisy Duke’s is on Chartres Street near Canal. They are mostly doing breakfast but if you are anywhere in the Quarter or CBD, they deliver people! Who doesn’t want an omelette and hashbrowns at 3 in the morning?


St. Lawrence for the most holiest of late-night munchies
St. Lawrence for the most holiest of late-night munchies

7. St. Lawrence

You’re probably wondering why I keep mentioning this place. And my answer would be because they are amazing. St. Lawrence have an awesome hand-crafted drink lists, exotic and hard to find liquors, frozen drinks and not to mention the restaurant quality food they are serving up. I mean I’m talking appetizers, entrees, salad, desserts, vegetarian options, all of it. There menu changes almost everytime I go there, so my recommendation? Try what looks good. And if you work in the service industry, let them know, you’ll receive a dollar off everything you purchase.


8. Camellia Grill

Camellia Grill is a NOLA tradition
Camellia Grill is a NOLA tradition

A New Orleans tradition, if you haven’t been to Camellia Grill I don’t know what you are waiting for. It’s the classic diner spot with breakfast, burgers, and freezes. Take a seat at the wraparound counter and tell your server what you’re having. The staff is always incredibly friendly and the food is pretty awesome. Actually come to mention it, I could really go for a chocolate freeze right now….


9. The Delachaise

The Delachaise is a really neat find. I’d highly recommend this place for a date night because it’s nice without being formal and casual without being a dive. They are regularly open from the afternoon to “till.” A spectacular wine selection, live music on certain nights and a menu that will make your starving mind weep with things like Steak Frites and Cuban Twice-Cooked Pork. Get a great bottle of wine and enjoy your evening with the Delachaise and some great company.


The Delachaise on St. Charles
The Delachaise on St. Charles

10. Balcony Bar & Cafe

Located on the 3000 block of Magazine, Balcony Bar is where I like to head after the Happy Hour at Rum House dies out. Everyone mostly heads upstairs to sit on the wraparound balcony and enjoy looking down on Magazine. Want to know how to get the good food? My officemate Patrick recommends buying the cook his favorite beer and hitting him with this line “Make me the best pizza you’ve ever had.” Tell them what you don’t like and in 15 minutes you’re gonna be that dude’s new best friend.


Tacos + Late Night= Happiness
Tacos + Late Night= Happiness

11. Taceaux Loceaux

The infamous and arguably the favorite late-night food truck in the city. Mostly in the Uptown area, Taceaux Loceaux (Taco Loco) is making all kinds of delicious and cheap tacos for your early morning munchies. They change out the menu weekly so you can try their new concoctions every week. The best recommendations: Messin with Texas with slow-roasted brisket, pickled cabbage, and salsa or the Seoul Man with Bulgogi chicken, shredded cabbage, cilantro and Sriracha aoili. Shove it in your face and sober up you animal.


12. Molly’s on the Market

Another one of my favorite French Quarter haunts, Molly’s is a great bar with great bartenders and some amazing tacos. It’s a small place with some outdoor seating but I like to sit in the window and watch the people walk down Decatur. Get your friends together, grab a table and hang out.


13. 13 Monaghan

Located at the end of Frenchmen Street, 13 Monaghan is a small bar with a big kitchen and delicious drinks. I totally recommend the tachos or a big sandwich is you have a late night craving. While you’re there, say hi to my girl Louisa bartending and tell her how thirsty you are. She’ll fix you up real good.

13 is a nice spot on Frenchmen for good food and fun times
13 is a nice spot on Frenchmen for good food and fun times


14. Clover Grill

Clover Grill on Bourbon is classic
Clover Grill on Bourbon is classic

Clover Grill on Bourbon is the drunken tourist’s Mecca. All the classic diner favorites that you love with burgers and fries, milkshakes and the general comfort that comes from feeding a drunk tummy.




15. Dat Dog on Frenchmen

Recently opened, the Dat Dog empire continues to expand onto Frenchmen Street. So after you have a roaring good time at Blue Nile or Yuki, you can head over to Dat Dog for some awesome franks.


16. F&M’s

No late-night list is complete without F&Ms, or more specifically, their cheese fries. God didn’t rest on the seventh day–he created F&Ms cheese fries. I think the exact quote was “Let there be cheese fries.” They might look like sloppy fried potatoes with everything, including the kitchen sink thrown on them, but they can only be described as a mouthgasm. Some might say that you should leave if you start craving this delicacy, but I say eat on. You won’t regret it, at least that night.


Well those are just a few a my favorites but I’m sure there are more. If you know any of these any I left off on this list, please tell me about them in the Comments Section. I got drunk mouths to feed!

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