Best Summer Activities for Kids (And Adults)

If you haven’t noticed by the temperature, summer is upon us. Queue long summer days, porch cocktails and thousands of screaming kids looking to entertain themselves in any way possible.

Summer can suck for parents. A lot. Unlike the other 9 months of the year where kids are occupied by school, homework, sports teams and other activities, during the summer they have no obligations. NONE!

Filling up three months can be difficult for anyone, especially that baby sitter who has to watch three kids under the age of 10 without losing consciousness from the 100+ degree heat. Luckily, some activities come with a blast of AC, or at the very least some shade, so you can keep your cool and do your job at the same time.

Here are some of the best summer activities for kids and adults alike:

The Aquarium is fun for the whole family
The Aquarium is fun for the whole family

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

The New Orleans Aquarium is a lot like the Zoo, except it is 50 degrees cooler and you don’t have to brave the potential for rain, sun or more rain. With exhibits like the Caribbean reef, an Amazon exhibit and a hurricane simulator, it’s no wonder that it regularly ranks among the top aquariums in the United States.


Honestly, who doesn’t love a good sno-ball? They’re refreshing, cheap, easy, and with so many variations, it’s almost impossible to really go wrong. Sure, they might send the kids into a sugar-induced fit, but that just means they’ll crash and burn by 9. It’s a win-win all around.


If the aquarium isn’t for you, have no fear, the Entergy IMAX is only a few yards away. Almost nothing is more nostalgic for me than the helicopter ride around New Orleans that shows before each movie. I don’t know about you, but I’m never too old to watch movies like “Kenya 3D: Animal Kingdom” or “Great White Shark 3D.”

The Children’s Museum

As much fun as I had as a kid at the Children’s Museum, I don’t think I ever had a better time

Kids can learn and have fun at the same time!
Kids can learn and have fun at the same time!

than when I went a few months ago. Maybe it was nostalgia again, maybe it’s just really fun, but there’s something about the Children’s Museum that brings out the inner-kid in everyone. I mean, what’s better than being inside a huge bubble? And let’s just all pretend like the grocery store wasn’t our favorite part.

Audubon Zoo

This is for the brave. As awesome as the Audubon Zoo is, and it’s really awesome, this place gets hot. Like, 7th ring of hell hot. Regardless, if you can bare the heat, you can check out impressive exhibits like the albino alligators, monkey hill, the reptile exhibit, the swamp exhibit and even a komodo dragon. Also, they serve alcohol, so that’s a plus. Because alcohol and wild animals combined is always a good idea.

Lemonade Stands 

This might be a personal anecdote more than anything but lemonade stands work for every party involved. Kids can learn the value of hard work and entrepreneurship, adults can keep an eye on the little ones from the comfort of their air conditioned house and tourists can enjoy some mediocre lemonade without having to stop somewhere. I know that I exploited the “cute little kid selling lemonade” card for as long as I could, and certainly reaped the rewards.

The Lady who Lived in a Shoe
The Lady who Lived in a Shoe

Storyland, City Park

Again if you feel like braving the heat or you have to tear the kids away from their marathon video gaming, you should take the kids to Storyland in City Park. The Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe, the Ladybug rollarcoasters and let’s not forget the most beautiful carousel, all these activities, the kids won’t even notice the heat. And luckily, there are plenty of benches for adults to sit down and keep an eye on the little ones.

Summer Camps

Want some peace and quiet? Ship your kids off to one of the many summer camps in the city. Not only will the kids have a blast, but you can sit inside the comfort of your home, office, or, frankly, wherever you want knowing that they’ll come home exhausted and ready for bed. No wonder why my parents put me in camp within a week of summer every year.



There are thousands of ways to beat the heat in a city like New Orleans. Got any more tips? Let us know!

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