4 Reasons to Buy Voodoo Tickets Today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you’ve probably noticed the social media buzz surrounding the release of the 2014 Voodoo Music Experience lineup. Well, surprise surprise, it was released. And it’s great.

I started going to Voodoo in 2006 and attended every year up until 2012. The lineups got pretty stale with a lot of artists from the same genre. I’m not pointing fingers, but *cough cough* looking at you, EDM. Whether or not I’m getting older or the scene really is turning to shit has yet to be determined, but I’m pretty happy for this year’s Voodoo. After my absence from the fest for two years, I’m happy to say that I just bought my ticket, and here’s a few reasons you should buy yours, too.

1) The Price

Part of the Experience
Part of the Experience

Right now, 3-day passes are available for $130. They were probably available for less before the lineup was released, but it doesn’t take too much brains to figure out that they only go up in price. The longer you wait, you’ll be paying that price for single day passes (which aren’t even available right now.) For you high society folks, VIP passes are $350 for a private bathroom, $2000 for a chance to catch a glimpse of Skrillex backstage before he d-d-d-drops the bass, and $3000 to drunkenly pass out on site with your own air conditioned cabana.

2) The Management

Muse at Voodoo
Muse at Voodoo

This year’s festival will be the first produced by Live Nation Entertainment. Previously it was run by founder/producer Stephen Rehage, who had run into a little legal trouble in the past. Right around that time, Sony and a few other sponsors dropped their endorsement of Voodoo, resulting in (what I believed to be) a lower quality experience. Mr. Rehage is now the president of Live Nation’s North American festivals division, so we’ll probably see a Voodoo with just as much fervor as earlier years with the proven management and support of Live Nation.

3) The Experience

Voodoo Main Stage
Voodoo Main Stage

While this reason is a little more vague, it is no less important than the others. Festivals are more than just concerts, believe it or not. Such is the reason why it bears the name Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, rather than the colloquial term Voodoo Fest. The ticket prices are high because you get so much more. You’ll get the chance to see live art performances, test out some new technology (Sony had a whole PS3 expo one year,) and eat great food. It’s as immersive as it is impressive, so enjoy it while you can.

4) The Lineup

Cage the Elephant
Cage the Elephant

I saved this one for last because it’s, by far, the best reason. With its release today came a little girl’s scream from me and a confused look from my boss. Everyone was expecting it, but Outkast as a headliner sells the whole thing for most people. You can look up the lineup yourself, but here’s who I’m excited to see in no particular order: Foo Fighters, Outkast, Arctic Monkeys, Thirty Seconds to Mars, SLAYER, Rise Against, City and Colour, Gogol Bordello, Manchester Orchestra, Action Bronson, The Melvins, Big Freedia, Peelander-Z, TYSSON…the list goes on.

So, here’s to faux hippie girls with flower headbands and shirtless guys selling you drugs out of a smelly Jansport backpack. Voodoo, I’m back. If you’re as excited as me to get back to festin’, let us know your reasons for buying your tickets today.

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