Our End of Summer Bucket List

Its August 8th. There are 45 days until summer 2014 officially ends. We took a quick poll at RB&L headquarters about how we’re all planning to spend the last days of the summer.  Here’s our bucket list for making the most of them, because before you know it snoballs and beach trips will be long gone, the sun will be setting at 6 pm, and we could even be facing a second Snow-pocalypse.

On Saturdays, we wear red.
On Saturdays, we wear red.

1. Red Dress Run

Keep an eye out for RB&L writer Eric tomorrow  in the third annual showcase of his infamous size-16 gown. Whether you’re running or people watching, its sure to be a good time in the quarter tomorrow.

A show not to be missed.
A show not to be missed.

2. 610 Stomper Auditions

For a modest $10 donation you can watch 60 ordinary men who think they have extraordinary moves battle it out on Frenchmen in an epic live action dance off for those coveted blue shorts. We know we’ll be watching. Check it out. 

3. Try as many COOLinary New Orleans prix-fixe menus as possible.

Some of our favorites of the COOLinary specials include Dominiques for the $30 early bird special, G. W. Finn’s for those buttery delicious biscuits (regular old bread is so basic), and any excuse to eat at Antoine’s. Ever.


4. Attempt the Ms. Mae’s 24 hour challenge.

Dead or unconscious?
Dead or unconscious?

One drink per hour for 24 hours straight. Only the strong survive. For more details/inspiration/support group go to Ms. Mae’s Wall of Shame.


5.Free Admission at the Ogden Museum for LA Residents

Check out the new Louisiana contemporary art exhibit and follow up with a lunch at Cochon Butcher or Mais Arepas.

6. Happy hour specials at Broussard’s

$3 Pimm’s Cups, $3 mussels, it really doesn’t get better than that. Check out other Happy Hours going on in town.

7. Hop on the ferry for the last few Wednesdays at the Point.

Wednesdays, 5:30-8:30.
Wednesdays, 5:30-8:30.


8. One last tubing trip

Down the Bogue Chitto with an obligatory stop at WaHo en route home. Because what better way to soak up six hours worth of beer than an All-Star special. Be warned: if you plan on bringing jello shots- “You will need to transfer all of the individual shots into a large, plastic container, and then scoop them out with a spoon along the way”. Can’t make that up. Thanks Louisiana River Adventures. (RIP Wayne’s World).

Worth the line.

9. Consume as many Hansen’s Sno-Bliz as possible before they close for the season.

Try the Satsuma flavor…you won’t regret it. Hansen’s told me so. They were right.

10. Curl up with a great book in Latter Library and enjoy the AC.

There’s books, A/C and plenty of chill at the Latter Library. What more do you people want?

11. Tchoup Challenge at Creole Creamery.

Eight scoops of ice cream with eight toppings served with whipped cream, cherries, and wafers when you go to the Uptown Creole Creamery. Win glory, fame, bragging rights. Lose your pride.




What’s on your end of summer bucket list? Let us know in the Comment Section below.

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