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With football season fast approaching (as in, it’s here… right now), you’ll more than likely be sending out/receiving texts something along the lines of, “Where are we watching the game today?” Fear not, you football freaks. We’re coming at you today from Red Beans and Life with a list of the best places to watch a Saints game. Not a Saints fan? Not a friend. Bye!

Just kidding. Don’t go. I love you. Know what else I love? The Three T’s: Televisions, Tits, and Touchdowns. I think I can speak for the rest of my fellow New Orleanians and say that they’re all a fan of those three things, as well.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome

What a beaut.
What a beaut.

Okay, so this one kind of goes without saying, but I feel like if I didn’t include it, someone would throw a fit. Truly, there’s no greater experience than watching the Saints play in the Superdome. You’re surrounded by A BILLION screaming fans, some sober, some not so, and it’s a wild and crazy experience that’s not to be missed. I went to a game last season and actually started crying because I was so overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and the fact that I drank seven beers in ten minutes. The Superdome is where champions are born. Football champions… beer-guzzling champions… you name it, IT’LL BE BORN.

Superior Seafood

My kind of people
God Bless Louisiana

Superior Seafood is your quintessential New Orleans restaurant. It’s located on St. Charles Ave and offers a variety of Cajun/creole cuisine and a very impressive bar menu. This is also a family-friendly place, which means your great-grandma can join in on the game day festivities. Superior also offers a happy hour during the entire game, so while grandma gets drunk on lemon water, you can get drunk on lemon drops… for CHEAP.

Maple Leaf Bar


Maple Leaf Bar is located on the notorious Oak St, aka where all the cool kids go. Make your trip to Maple Leaf an all day affair with an afternoon game followed by a night of live music. Football and music go hand-in-hand, didn’t you know? If you didn’t, you do now! Maple Leaf also has “donation food”. Basically, there is a boatload of food prepared, you make a plate and donate what you’re able to the cook. Warning: if you take food and don’t donate, prepare yourself for some evil Voodoo shit coming your way. You’ve been warned.

Warehouse Grille

Happy bartender, happy life
Happy bartender, happy life

Warehouse Grille is easily one of my most favorite hangout spots, ever. It’s super chill, but not boring. So, think your great-aunt’s house but with some youthful sass. And unlimited alcohol. And no moth ball smell. You can chill at the bar and sip a Bloody Mary (which is one of the best I’ve had in the city), or hang out on their patio and binge on bottomless mimosas, which runs until 3pm, even on game day! If there’s one thing I love more than football, it’s when I get to eat/drink/be merry while watching football. Definitely recommend. Also, tell my pal and super cool bartender, Justin, (pictured above) hello!

Wit’s Inn

Forever Yours, Wits
Forever Yours, Wits

If you find yourself on game day craving delicious pizza, wanting to stay in your pajamas, and a desire to get drunk for $9, then come here. No questions asked. Wits is a Mid City neighborhood staple. People of all ages come here, though you have to be 21+ to enter (#tbt to that time I got kicked out a few years ago), but it can get pretty festive during football games. There are TVs everywhere you turn (15, to be exact), and the bartenders are some of the nicest people I’ve met in the service industry. Roll up in your classiest flannel pajama pant set, order a pizza and a Witmaker (peach juice + vodka + champagne) and get ready for some football.

*Disclaimer: don’t really wear your pajamas. That’s just weird. What I’m saying is that it feels like home, ya know? Anyone? Anyone?

Your Parent’s Sofa

Because, sometimes in life, you just want to have control over the remote, naw I’m sayin’?

Twin Peaks, Hooters, etc.


“I can’t” with places like these, but I know all you dudes “can”, so I’m including it because I care. Though I’ve never been to either, I find myself favoring Hooters over Twin Peaks. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why. Maybe it’s the owls. Either way, both hell holes establishments have everything necessary for a proper game day: food, booze, boobs. The Holy Trinity.



Typical sports bar flare. Dudes, bring your bros. Ladies, bring no one so you can have the bros to yourself. Maybe one of them will treat you to a signature Touchdown Margarita or, if you’re a real woman, a shot of whiskey. Manning’s comes equipped with an outdoor area that houses lots and lots of flat screens, so you can get your game-watching on with no issues, unless you’re into instigating bar fights, then you’re on your own. I’ve also heard that their spinach artichoke crab dip is good. And, like, I take dips very seriously, so.

Bayou Beer Garden

Home of the Disco Fries
Home of the Disco Fries

Bayou Beer Garden is a fun little spot located in Mid City. It’s a favorite of mine because of it’s laid back atmosphere and huge selection of beer, specifically local beer. It’s cozy, but can also accommodate a large crowd, especially on game day. The only downfall is that you leave reeking of cigarette smoke, but when you’ve got a Saints win under your belt and a belly full of Disco Fries (French fries topped with melted cheese and roast beef debris), nothing else in this world matters. Except maybe finding larger pants and taking a nap coma.

 The Prytania Bar


Three words: Free touchdown shots. That really is all you need to know other than the fact that they have crazy awesome happy hour specials and sometimes have free BBQ.


In true New Orleans fashion, it really doesn’t matter where you go to watch the Saints game, as long as you’re watching. You could be a rich businessman viewing the game from your rich businessman seat in the Superdome, or you could be a poor college student viewing the game in the electronics section at the Super Wal-Mart. No matter where you are, your heart is with your team, and that’s what matters most, though I’d MUCH rather be hanging out with the rich dude in the Dome.

The first game of the season is Sunday, September 7th! It’s Saints vs. Falcons, and it’s away, so check out one of these places I’ve just listed to witness our team beat the Dirty Birds to a pulp.

Know of any other fun bars to watch a game at? Leave the details in our comments section!

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