Boozin’ and Cruisin’ New Orleans Pub Crawl

So who doesn’t love a good ole fashion New Orleans pub crawl? I wouldn’t trust you if you didn’t.

Well you are in luck because this is bar crawling season! When the weather gets cold, there is nothing like beer in your belly and friends around you to help warm ya up! You may remember this handy dandy map published by highlighting the best bars to go to at different stops on the streetcar lines. Well now NORTA has made a bar crawl out of this map and it is going down this Saturday, November 22nd at 1PM!


The awesome group, NORTA–New Orleans Regional Trashy Alcoholics, along with Babes and Beignets are hosting their first Boozin’ and Cruisin’ Bar Crawl! It is FREE and open to all who wish to join a bunch of alchy ne’er-do-wells for a good time getting around the city than this is the bar crawl for you! You can find more information about people attending and information on getting t-shirts and koozies on their Facebook page.

Here is the schedule for all those interested in attending. Come meet up throughout the day and let’s have an awesome time! All the bar stops are classic New Orleans bars and the best part: NO DRUNK DRIVING!




Can’t wait to see ya’ll out there!

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Morgan was born in Georgia, raised in Louisiana, a Southern gal through and through. A graduate of the University of New Orleans, she loves her Saints, her city and inserting thinly veiled sarcasm throughout all her writing.

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