How Solange Had the Perfect New Orleans Wedding

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that Solange Knowles, 28,  married  music video director Alan Ferguson, 51, this weekend in our beautiful and wonderful city in the most beautiful and wonderful wedding that ever existed. Here are seven reasons why it was perfect and I won’t ever get married because what’s the point now that this masterpiece happened?

1. Cinematic Pre-Wedding Festivities

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On Friday Nov. 14th, the couple looked amazing in white (the color theme for the whole weekend) as they arrived at Indywood Cinema for their pre-wedding festivities. The couple screened a sentimental video of how they met, followed by Diana Ross’ 1975 classic Mahogany which they apparently saw on their first date.  To top it off, the couple served po-boys from Genes to their 50 lucky guests. Solange looked amazing in her Ellery dress matched with Loeffler Randall sandals and a Kate Spade birdcage bag.

2. A Low-Key Entrance


Upon arrival to the Marigny Opera House, the couple rode up in custom white bikes after riding through the neighborhood where Solange lives with her ten year old son Julez. Solange’s bike basket was filled with white roses for that oh so perfect nuptial touch.

3. Pre-Wedding Pantsuit

solange test

Even better than the bike ride was Solange’s fabulous pre-wedding creme colored pantsuit by Stephanie Rolland. The wide leg trousers, cleavage revealing neckline, open back oh and… CAPE are absolutely divine. Paired with natural hair and red lips, Solange couldn’t have looked better.

 4. Guests Were Asked to Wear White


If an average person has an all-white theme, it looks tacky. When Solange Knowles does it, it looks like a two-page spread in a fashion magazine. Solange rocked yet another fabulous cape and her wedding party and guests also donned all-white attire. This look tied the event together in a streamlined fashion.

5. Beyonce’s Bridesmaid Dress


I know this day is all about Solange and believe me, it was but… I have to at least mention how stunning Beyonce looked in her $350 bridesmaid dress that would have made me look like a lumpy potato sack. Queen B stepped out of the spotlight but certainly didn’t stop shining as her beautiful curves filled out this Torn by Ronny Kobo Maggie Lasso Diamonds Dress.


6. Traditional After-Ceremony Second Line


Following her nuptial ceremony, Solange and company strutted through the streets in a traditional second line parade. In YET ANOTHER cape and cleavage catsuit, Solange danced the night away with music, family, friends and sparklers.

7. Spectacular Wedding Portraits

solange with husband

Everyone’s grandkids from our generation are going to bring in pictures of our weddings and be like “LOL look at how weird mason jars are. Why did Grandma and Grandpa they think they were cool?” Or, “Hahaha why is Grandma wearing flowers in her hair? What is she, a garden? Also, Mom… what’s a garden?” Not Solange and Alan’s grandkids. Nope. They are going to be like, “Yup. Grandma and Grandpa were ballers. Look at this epic wedding portrait.”


We can all try to be as fabulous as the Knowles sisters but few can achieve it. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish and traditional New Orleans wedding too!

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