Be A Storyteller: Vote for Vignet App in Global Startup Battle

Despite our reputation, New Orleans is home to many innovators and entrepreneurs and one group in particular has gotten our attention, and soon, they’ll have the world’s. This team from our fair city have created an app, titled Vignet , and will be heading to the Global Startup Battle. But before they get there, they need their community’s support in order to take the top prize.

Now you might be used to seeing “vignette” in your Instagram filters or have seen the word once or twice in a novel, but do you know what it means?


This definition is the basic premise of the Vignet app (yes it is only meant to have one T and no E). It is an interactive storytelling app that allows both users and businesses to enjoy the benefits. When installed, Vignet notifies users when they are in a location that has uploaded content. From there, you can listen to whatever content has been created for that location. Imagine walking around your old neighborhood and listening to songs that were recorded around the corner, or playing in the park and hearing music from a concert performed there 20 years ago! The possibilities are endless and the best part is that you can add your own stories and narrations too! You might be passing by someone that is listening to you. You aren’t just listening, you can be the storyteller too.


In the hopes of promoting a “platform for listening, imagination, art and commerce” the app took top prize at NOLA Startup Week and now they are asking for your help! Go and vote for Vignet in the Global Startup battle and help them to win.




To read more about the Vignet app, check out the Silicon Bayou article about these guys.

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