Holiday Gift Guide: Monthly Subscriptions

You’ve barely recovered from Thanksgiving weekend‘s heartburn and it’s already December and time to start  rummaging around for that ugly christmas sweater you stashed after last year’s ugly christmas sweater party.

If you’re young, busy and broke(ish), getting Christmas presents for your friends, family, coworkers etc. can be sort of stressful. You can’t afford the $250 cashmere blanket that InStyle Magazine suggested you give your “Jetsetting Boss” and you don’t have the time or know-how to gift your “Zen Roommate” some homemade soy candles. Also, if you live together, how are you supposed to make him/her candles without their knowledge?

Point is, holiday gift guides around the web can be expensive and somewhat unrealistic. Make your your loved ones happy by gifting them a monthly subscription unique to their likes and needs.  Here are ten options that anyone would be sure to love and yes, it’s ok to only purchase one month.

1. Beer


For your hip brother that recently grew a beard, listens to records and has a chic English girlfriend… The Craft Beer Club will send 12 microbrews from around the county for only $39.00 a month. If you send them three shipments, the recipient will get a free beer opener!

2. Coffee


For your genius dad  who always has four books on his nightstand, sends you endless links to New York Times articles and can’t start the day unless he has a good cup of coffee… The Moustache Coffee Club will send premium coffee beans roasted to perfection and shipped on the same day for a low as $19 a month. If you’re really feeling generous, you can send a bag of coffee a week.

3. Snacks


For your earthy sister that smells like jasmine, spends weekends hiking and  rides her bike to work… Nature Box has over 100 different snacks to choose from and for $40 you can send five different full-size snack bags for two months. You can choose the snacks or get a surprise box.


4. Nail Polish


For your teenage cousin suffering through chemistry, trying to get her drivers license and obsessed with Kendall and Kylie Kardashian… Square Hue delivers three nail polish colors for $14.99 a month.

5.  Beauty Products


For your fabulous best friend that loves karaoke, can pull of any outfit and is always getting asked out on dates… Birch Box sends five high-end beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples for only $10 a month. If you buy a whole year subscription, you get one month free.

6. Bowties


For your favorite uncle who loves to dance, always has a full stocked bar and wears brightly colored pants… The Bowtie of the Month Club lets you choose which shape bow tie you want and is $80 for a three month subscription.

7. T-Shirts, Art and Stuff


For your sexy boyfriend who sings to his dog, constantly craves fish tacos and never leaves the house without a sketchbook… Threaded Canvas will send three amazingly stylish art t-shirts, one frame-able art print and three artist designed collectibles for only $27 a month.


8. Location-Themed


For your sweet mom that takes long baths, makes amazing chicken tortilla soup and is head over heels in love with her maltese poodle…  For $25 a month, Hammock Pack will send everything you need for a “stay-cation”  so you can enjoy products that are local to each month’s destination.

9. Handmade


For your lovely neighbor that waters your plants, invites you over for tea and has an amazing jewelry collection.  For only $25 a month, Umba Box will send a beautiful handmade gift from a variety of categories including home, accessories, stationary and bath products.


10. Sustainable and Conscious


For your cool coworker that shops at thrift stores, brings the most amazing looking lunches, and knows the best spots for after-work drinks. Conscious Box delivers a selection of vegan, gluten free and fair trade products in sample sizes to help you discover natural choices for food, home, health and beauty needs.



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Anna Rajo-Miller is a New Orleans transplant that spends her time overeating to compensate for lost years and thus, lost meals. She loves food, fun and festivals so basically, everything New Orleans has to offer.

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