4 Reasons to Start Rooting for the VooDoo this Year

New Orleans is no stranger to its football. We’re a fun loving, tailgating, beer drinking bunch who will always take any excuse to meet up with our buddies and pop open a cold one.

When I say football in New Orleans, however, usually one of two things come to mind – our beloved Saints, and the Catholic League/High School football (go BMHS Crusaders!) While those things are great, it’s a little disheartening that no one thinks twice about a third home team, the New Orleans VooDoo.

Here are 4 reasons to check them out in 2014.

1. Enjoy Football Year Round

The VooDoo have been around the Arena Football scene in Louisiana since the early 2000s. I’d actually be surprised if you hadn’t heard of them, but I surely wouldn’t be if you told me you’ve never been to or have even seen a game. It’s not that they’re bad; far from it. In 2012, they qualified for the playoffs for the first time since their inaugural season. Part of me thinks the Voodoo sometimes feel like the middle child of the NOLA football scene because New Orleans is pretty hostile towards new things. Most locals I ask say, we hate tourists, despise chain restaurants, mock the reality TV shows about us and will never have a drink at Channing Tatum’s place even if we’re paid to.

But sometimes new things are worth trying out – and the Voodoo is one of those things. The NCAA & NFL play from September to February. Sure, free agent excitement, the draft, and pre-season games can add a couple of months to your football year, but you still won’t reach 12. Rooting for the Voodoo will fix that, with games from March through August.

Who doesn't need more football in their life? [Photo Credit]
Who doesn’t need more football in their life? [Photo Credit]

2. It’s Cheap

To be young, is to be poor. As much as I’d love season tickets to the Saints, I’d also love a house on St. Charles, ownership of a few bars on Bourbon, and part-ownership of the Pelicans. But the solitary Andrew Jackson in my pocket can’t quite afford that.

Whereas Pelicans / Saints tickets cost a lot before you even get to the game, VooDoo tickets are reasonably affordable (running about $20 a piece), allowing you to spend cash on the important stuff – food & beer at the game.

3. They know how to name things

Sorry Saintsations, but VooDoo Dolls is such a better name![photo credit</a]
Sorry Saintsations, but VooDoo Dolls is such a better name!
[photo credit]
Everyone remembers the calamity that was the Pelicans naming (I’m still holding out for Bounce). Granted, the city appears to have become taken with the name, and even with the post-surgery Pierre.

But nothing says New Orleans to the entire nation quite like VooDoo. Add to that their dancers, the VooDoo Dolls, the mascots Bone & Mojo, an arena nicknamed The Graveyard and you have a collection of names that scream New Orleans. Well, except Mojo, but we’ll let that one pass.

4. This is the year the AFL makes it big

Let’s face it. People are more likely to jump on the bandwagon, when the bandwagon is big (and winning). Thankfully, 2014 looks to be a watershed year for the VooDoo, and Arena Football in general. The Pelicans Sports Network will air all live games on TV, and two VooDoo games will be featured on ESPN2. The Arena Football league will also be showcasing some exciting new technology not yet seen in other American sports, including helmet cams (finally!)

There you go. An affordable, NOLA-centric way to enjoy football year round, and get you on the bandwagon before the rest of the city does. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the VooDoo!

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Eric is a New Orleans native and graduate of Loyola. He grew up in Kenner and is embarrassed to tell you that. He lives Uptown and frequents local watering holes to socialize with peers. His hobbies include writing, making bad jokes, and casually observing the day to day life of New Orleans.

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