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What the Funk?

Here at Red Beans and Life, we try to explain the happenings, the culture and the people of New Orleans. Which is no easy task. This place is strange. Seriously, this town if full of freaks and weirdos. It does all these things that just don’t make sense to visitors. If you walk around the city long enough, you’re bound to run into someone you know, someone you don’t want to see and someone doing something that’ll make you go “Why?” Well instead of shaking your head, laugh and look through our weekly What the Funk articles, where we attempt to unravel the strange and secretive, the unusual and unsettling, the kinky and confusing, and the misunderstood and mysterious qualities of the city. So let’s get weird y’all.

About Morgan

Morgan was born in Georgia, raised in Louisiana, a Southern gal through and through. A graduate of the University of New Orleans, she loves her Saints, her city and inserting thinly veiled sarcasm throughout all her writing.

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