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Lunch at Crabby Jack’s, Food Coma to Follow

Today’s Foodie Friday excursion took us to one of our favorites: Crabby Jack’s. Located on Jefferson Highway, Crabby Jack’s is a small restaurant on the outside and a veritable state of food nirvana on the inside.


What You Need to Know

Local artwork proudly displayed
Local artwork proudly displayed

Crabby Jack’s is an institution in New Orleans. It is a little bit further outside the city but close enough that you won’t have to make a trek to get some damn good food. Owned by the same folks that own Jacquimo’s on Oak Street, Crabby Jack’s is the home of an overstuffed po-boy and afterwards, your overstuffed belly.

It’s a small place. Probably as small as Jacquimo’s. They have Cafe du Monde seating which means that you wait until seating opens up and if someone who just got there gets a seat before you, boo-friggin-hoo. You move or be moved, tough guy. No table service, so be sure to order and pay for your food at the counter. You may have to sit next to someone you don’t know or at a table full of strangers. I promise, you will survive. You’ll just have to pull yourself out of your smartphone long enough to ask this stranger if anyone is sitting in that empty chair.

What We Had

Cochon de Lait Po-boy

It’s a classic New Orleans sandwich translated to mean “pork in milk.” With tender pork, slathered in  barbecue sauce, the meat was overflowing out the sandwich and all over Eric’s arm. His response: “I should have gotten the meat, forget the bread. I could have eaten it faster.” Sounds like a thumbs up to me.

Slow-Roasted Duck Po-boy

It’s a Friday, so I decided to skip the meat. Wait, is duck considered a part of the no meat on Fridays? Well I’ll stop at confession on my way to getting another duck po-boy tomorrow. Because I am still thinking about. But I digress. It was as spectacular as you imagine. Jacquimo’s is known for their famous duck po-boy at the Oak Street Po-Boy Fest every year and Crabby Jack’s did not disappoint. It was tender and salty and everything beautiful in this world. Really, if you can have duck, just order it.

The Fleur de Bree Po-boy

Baked ham, roast beef debris all slathered and gravy will give you a fleur de bree. I am not a huge fan of ham myself, but it added a nice layer of flavor to the sandwich rather than gravy rich roast beef. Add a slice of cheese to this sandwich and a little hot sauce to take it to the next level.

Seafood Gumbo

I just had a half cup of the gumbo (only $4) and I wish I had just gotten the whole bowl. It was truly delicious. Piping hot, stuffed with seafood, a huge crab claw,  and lots of okra. I’m a gumbo snob and that definitely passed my requirements with flying colors. Come to think of it, I think I’ll get some more on the way home.


The Cochon de Lait, the Fleur de Brees, and the Slow Roasted Duck
The Cochon de Lait, the Fleur de Brees, and the Slow Roasted Duck


What We Thought

With a pile of napkins and a general unison of overfilled groans, we all left Crabby Jack’s full and needing a place to sleep through the food coma. Basically, everyone left  completely stuffed and totally happy. Crabby Jack’s is the place if you want some New Orleans classics like jambalaya, shrimp and tasso pasta, red beans and rice, po-boys, gumbo and seafood platters. It’s simple and perfect because it’s so simple. They even give you plastic cups to take home! My only complaint would be about the seating situation, but if you get there an hour before or after the lunch rush, there are more places to sit.

The Verdict

In case there was any confusion. Crabby Jacks, you will be seeing us a RB&L again!


The Aftermath
The Aftermath


Do you love Crabby Jack’s or know better places to get po-boys in the city? Let us know all about it in our Comments section! Pictures of you stuffing your face are not discouraged!

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