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So you’ve been paying attention to our posts concerning the best cocktails to try or the best way to drink your way across the city, and now you’re paying the price. We’d like to say we’re sorry, but we’re not you ungrateful little baby. But here is our way of making it up to you: three amazing brunch options for this Sunday that will have you picking yourself off the bathroom floor, throwing on the shades and hitting up some much needed nutrition.

EAT new orleans


900 Dumaine Street/ Dauphine Street, French Quarter


Meters do not run on Sundays so you are free to park at any of those locations but remember to LOOK AT THE SIGNS! There is nothing sadder than watching some poor, unsuspecting putz getting a ticket or his car towed.

What to Get

Located on the outer limits of the French Quarter, EAT is a favorite brunch spot for locals and tourists alike. The

Eat at EAT on Dumaine St.
Eat at EAT on Dumaine St.

restaurant is miniscule, maybe 40 seats in the entire place but that doesn’t stop people from lining up outside and waiting for a table. And why shouldn’t they when the food is so incredible? EAT doesn’t overwhelm you with too many options but what they do give is delicious. Their food is a respective blend of Americana, Cajun and Creole style so you are going to be full when you leave. For appetizers, I recommend the Banana Fritters with peanut butter dipping sauce (stop drooling!) and the Spicy Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon.

Then for entrees, my favorite is the shrimp and grits because it is enough for both lunch and dinner yet disguises itself as breakfast. Also be sure to try the Eggs Dumaine, an open faced homemade biscuit topped with grillades (stewed beef), two poached eggs, hollandaise and a side of grits, as well as the Eggs de Provence, 2 eggs cooked in a black iron skillet with  butter, cream, herbs with bacon and their amazing biscuits.

eat breakfast
Eggs Provence @ EAT credit


Because EAT is so close to the St. Louis Parochial School, they are not able to serve alcohol however, you can bring it with you. There is no corkage fee for the first bottle of wine or champagne or the first 6 pack of beer. After that though it is $15 per bottle. So stop into your favorite place for cocktails, enjoy a little bit of the New Orleans morning and then walk over to EAT and get your grub on.

Pricing $$

Average price per person (not including drinks or tips) $24


Elizabeth’s Restaurant


601 Gallier Street, New Orleans (Bywater area)

Elizabeth's is THE Bywater Brunch spot
Elizabeth’s is THE Bywater Brunch spot


There is a parking lot across from Elizabeth’s as well as parking on the street but if you are coming at prime brunch hours, there can be a bit of a traffic jam. So park a block or two away and you should have no trouble plus it will give you a reason to walk off the amazing, but filling, food.

What to Get

When you get to Elizabeth’s and put yourself down on the wait list (don’t bother calling, there is a wait), I say head upstairs and start drinking at the bar while you wait for your table. While you waiting, check out their amazing specials list that changes every weekend. Last weekend featured a French Toast Burrito, yeah you heard me.  But you can’t go to Elizabeth’s without trying the Praline Bacon (it’s just as amazing as it sounds) or the Grit Cakes (grits in a fried pastry shell with tasso gravy). My favorite recommendations would have to be the Duck Waffles with sweet potato and duck hash or the Smoked Salmon and Brie Grilled Cheese. Regardless of what you get, everything is made from scratch and

Grit Cakes in Tasso Gravy
Grit Cakes in Tasso Gravy

Hungry Man portion-sized, so I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


Elizabeth’s has their own cocktail list full of remastered favorites like their tip of the hat to a Singapore Sling called the Bywater Crutch made with Gin, Cointreau, B&B, Pineapple, Angostura and a dash of grenadine or if you want more traditional morning cocktails go for the MYOPC- Make Your Own Pimm’s Cup using either champagne, ginger beer or Sprite.

Pricing $$

Including drinks, apps, entrees and tip- $40 but so worth it.


Satsuma Cafe


Satsuma Uptown on the corner of Maple and Fern

7901 Maple Street (Uptown) or 3218 Dauphine Street (Bywater)


Parking Uptown is a touch easier than parking Downtown or in the CBD but you might have to circle the blocks a couple of times til you find a spot. There will likely be a line out of the door to get into Satsuma’s but they have a high turn-and-burn rate, outdoor and counter seating.

What to Get

Healthy Brunch starts with yummy juices!
Healthy Brunch starts with juice!

Satsuma is where you want to go if you want some lighter, healthier options for your Sunday brunch. Maybe you had a late Saturday night and can’t stand the thought of any more alcohol, well Satsuma is the place for you. They make fresh, delicious juices with a number of recipes to help you get back to working order as well as variety of food options ranging from organic, gluten free, and vegan. I recommend the Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich with basil pesto scrambled with eggs, ham, swiss and red onion on a big croissant or try the Granola, Fruit and Yogurt Bowl, which is huge, delicious and very healthy. Make sure to get a juice with your meal!


None here. Just juices and coffee. Why do you need a drink with every meal? What is wrong with you? You know what, your mom was right about you.

Pricing $

Not exactly the cheapest cafe in the world but for a large juice and entree, you’ll be paying about around $16.

Well there you have it. Take your pick and tell your friends. If you do hit up any of these places, be sure to tweet or tell us about it in our Comments section below!

Happy Brunching ya dirty bums!

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