Creepy Fest 2014: Preview and Schedule

Fans of punk, surf rock, hardcore, thrash, and other related genres rejoice: Creepy Fest 2014 is right around the corner. Combining a bigger lineup with a brand new kickoff show, this year’s Creepy Fest isn’t one to miss.

For four days spanning from July 17th to the 20th, nearly 40 bands will play shows across five well known New Orleans venues. The bands range in genres, but are all generally from the Greater New Orleans area, with the exception of a few from Texas, Mississippi, and even some big name punk legends from around the country.

The man behind the operation is Bill Heintz. It’s almost a one-man-show behind the curtain, with a little help from a supportive girlfriend and friends he’s made since his debut in the scene back in ‘94. With so many bands playing in just one extended weekend, it almost seems impossible to organize.

Ossacrux in 2013
Ossacrux in 2013

“I’ve been playing in punk bands around New Orleans since 1994 and over the years I’ve made a lot of contacts,” Heintz says, “Plus, whenever I go on the road with The Pallbearers, The Bills or Dummy Dumpster, we end up playing with a lot of really cool bands and most of them are excited to come play New Orleans.”

Heintz takes care of the promotion, artwork, shirt printing, and booking with the help of Matt Russell from Siberia. Sponsors started coming on last year, and this year features sponsorships from Antigravity Magazine, Wtul, Aysia 999 Promotions, Terror Optics, 86’d Productions, New Orleans Horror Film Festival, Paranoize Magazine, and Covington Brewhouse.

The festival features not only music, but also film and for the first time, burlesque. Big Deal Burlesque kicks off Creepy Fest with a show supported by one of Heintz’s bands, Nick Name and the Valmonts. The film aspect takes place on Saturday with a screening from Indywood.

Stovebolds at the Dragon's Den
Stovebolds at the Dragon’s Den

“Six years ago, the festival started as a three show event with twelve bands and a short film screening,” Heintz says, “Now it has developed into an eight show event with almost 40 bands, film screenings, burlesque, a zombie bar crawl and more. It really has snowballed over the years.”

Film is something Heintz h3opes to expand in the future. What started as mostly screenings from his own Terror Optics has evolved into features from The New Orleans Horror Film Festival and several music videos from participating bands.

With the addition of two nationally recognized bands, The Mentors and The Offenders, the festival has definitely taken off. With the amount of bands they didn’t have room for, it looks like 2015 will be even bigger. The festival is growing, but as Heintz says, it won’t lose its connections to its roots.

“I don’t want to lose the dive bar atmosphere though, so it can’t get much bigger. This is definitely a crowded bar room type of festival as opposed to an outdoor event with tents. Mainly I’d like to expand the film segment and get back to having at least one all ages show for next year,” Heintz says.

Taking into account cover for each of the 8 shows, attendees will be able to see everything for under $50. Plan on bringing more, though. Creepy Fest shirts will be available at every event, as well as a ton of band merch and, of course, delicious Covington beers.

Heintz puts it best: “This year is going to be a real party.”

Check out the full schedule below:

Thursday July 17th (Show 1) $10

@ Siberia – 2227 St. Claude Ave. / 8-10pm

“Creepy Fest Kick Off Horror Show”

BIG DEAL BURLESQUE -Roxie Le Rouge and more

NICK NAME & THE VALMONTS -50s and 60s sleaze

Thursday July 17th (Show 2) $10

@ Siberia – 2227 St. Claude Ave. / 10pm-2am

MENTORS – America’s premiere porno rock band

NOELA – A band

MAGGOT SANDWICH – original Pensacola, FL hardcore

BEFORE I HANG – Hattiesburg, MS scum punk

FAT STUPID UGLY PEOPLE – Nola power violence (or this?)

ROOM 101 – one man punk assault

Friday July 18th (Show 3) FREE

@ Checkpoint Charlie – 501 Esplanade Ave. / 8pm-2am

“Creepy Fest 2014 Zombie Party”

THE PALLBEARERS – Nola h/c punk (18th Ann. Show!)

THE MACGILLICUDDYS – Nola punk rock n roll


ESE’ – vato-punk from Houston, TX

THE STOVEBOLTS – Southern punk from MS and TN

SWINGIN’ DICKS – Dallas, TX speed punk

THE UNNATURALS – Nola surf rock

MEDICALLY SEPARATED – Nola hardcore punk n roll

Friday July 18th (Show 4) FREE

@ Dragon’s Den – 435 Esplanade Ave. / 9pm-2am

The Best Video Production in New Orleans – Let’s just say a film / band about circa-2000s-emo-punk?

TMG Consulting – Alternative consulting organization

A HANGING – Nola death/thrash/hardcore trio

GRISTNAM – Nola death metal (ex Haarp)

FUNERAL HORSE – Houston, TX stoner metal

DIAB – Black metal/thrash from Houma, LA

Saturday July 19th (Show 5) $5

@ Indywood Movie Theater – 628 Elysian Fields / 6-8pm

Terror Optics and New Orleans Horror Film Festival

present a screening of local short horror films and

music videos. Catch the film “PEEPSHOW CREEP

along with other shorts and punk vids.

Saturday July 19th (Show 6) $12

@ Siberia – 2227 St. Claude Ave. / 9pm-2am

THE OFFENDERS – Texas’ hardcore punk pioneers

SPAZM 151 – hardcore punk from Dallas, TX

SECRET PROSTITUTES – Hardcore punk from Houston

FUGITIVE FAMILY – ex Reason Of Insanity (1st show ever)

DIE ROTZZ – Comedic Nola KBD garage punk

THE BILLS – high energy Nola surf/punk/garage

Sunday July 20th (Show 7) $7

@ HiHo Lounge – 2239 St. Claude Ave. 3-9pm

SIX PACK – Nola death metal alcoholic attack

OSSACRUX – Nola crusty hardcore/punk/metal

DONKEY PUNCHER – Nola hardcore thrash/punk

DISAPPOINTED PARENTS  – 80s MS hardcore punk

NASSTY HABITS – anthemic Nola drunk punk

W.A.S. – teenage harcore punk from MS

INTERIOR DECORATING – Nola rhythm punk from MS

Sunday July 20th (Show 8) $5

@ Saturn Bar – 3067 St. Claude. Ave / 9pm-1am

DUMMY DUMPSTER – Chalmette primitive art punk

TUFF LUVS – garage punk based out of MS and LA

HEAVY LIDS – glued out Nola garage punk

BABES – synth driven Nola garage punk

BRUISER BROUSSARD – surf rock from LA


We’re so excited for Creepy Fest in New Orleans! Will we see you out there? Love any of these bands? Tell us about it in our Comments Section!


Creep on folks!

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