Hair of the Dog: 10 NOLA Hangover Cures Sure to Get Your Mind Right


It’s a haze. It’s a headache. Your bones have been replaced with wet leather and half-dried glue. What’s next? For fighting that awful hangover and easing your mind and tired body into daylight, check out these spots for a healthy dose of refreshment, comfort, and healing.


Pho Tau Bay

After last night, you’ve got a lot of vitamins to replace, and you sure as hell can’t show your face on the east bank lookin’ like the shit you feel like. Head on over to Gretna instead. This Vietnamese culinary gem has just the steam you’re looking for. Order Spring Rolls and a large bowl of the Chef’ Special Won-Ton Soup. Get rid of a hangover never tasted so effin delicious. You won’t regret it.

Pagoda Cafe


You’ve never been anywhere more adorable than Pagoda, and, after dancing your dignity away at Mod Night, you’ve never smelled worse in your life. Lucky for you, all of the seating here is outdoors, and the Cucumber Yoghurt Soup with Grilled Bread is like goodness with extra good. Order the Indian Banh Mi, too, and wash it all down with a Sunrise, a beautiful beverage made with hibiscus tea and orange juice. “Tastes like Miami in the 1980’s.”

Stein’s Market and Deli

You just need a sandwich, and you just need a coffee, like both, like right now. Keep your order succinct and don’t try to reminisce with Dan about last night at The Saint. Order the Sam if you mean it or the Kelly because apples are healthy. Also, get you a beer from the fridge for later and an espresso from Cherry Coffee, which is conveniently located in the corner opposite the door. Headache’s begone!




Audubon Park

You’re ambitious and hardworking and hungover, but that ain’t goin stop you. Get your shoes on because it’s time to run in a circle. Feel your strength returning as your stagger and stumble your way around the outer trail loop, enjoying the shade of a hundred+ year-old oak trees. Watch out for bikes and see if you can do all of the fun fitness stops!

Crescent Park

It’s dawn on Frenchmen St. Go the fuck home or take a stroll through the Historic Bywater Neighborhood. If you can make it up the stairs, this park offers great views of the CBD and a burnt out wharf that the city has no known plans of removing.

Bayou St. John

This could be you.
This could be you.

Sometimes you just got to sit in front of some moving water. New Orleans is surrounded by it, so you can really have your pick of scene water watching. This Mid-City slow-mover is a personal favorite, and, if you make a friend, you may even score a boat ride.

City Putt & Reyn Studios

Looking to lay some money down in the name of  physical wellbeing?


City Putt is basically the most fun thing ever. Grab some beignets at Morning Call in City Park and then hit the links. Use the putter as a cane or crutch and remember to let faster groups play through.



Get your vibes right with some yoga down at Reyn. Locate your long lost naiveté in child’s pose or find your inner stillness in shavasana. Posers welcome.




Elizabeth’s Restaurant

Let’s face it: the only way to stop this pain train is to snuggle up with a boozy brunch. Take your boo. You really can’t go wrong with a house made Bloody Mary or the Morning Margarita, and a Duck Waffle might be just the thing to bring your soul out of its dreary fog. Cajun Bubble and Squeak comes with country bacon, cabbage, and shrimp topped with a poached egg and hollandaise, and yeah, you should order another round.

Brother’s Three Lounge

Dawn or dusk?
Dawn or dusk?

Did you fall asleep at the bar or just get here really early? Mr. Johnny will not give you a straight answer, but he will pour you a straight gin. Open 24 hours a day and still proudly serving Abita for $2.50, this is a great place to get confused about whether the light coming through the window is the moon or the sun. Give everyone your phone number and try not to your head on the way out, on the floor that is.

Canal St. Bistro

Juice. What’s more refreshing than juice? This upscale Mid-City brunch spot has got it in spades. The Okapi combines orange, kale, apple, and pear, and the Champ features red apples and carrot juice. What’s more, you can order off the list and create your own genius juice. Who knows what you need better than you? Should the mood strike, add a shot of your favorite liquor to your favorite fruits and veggies. Two birds.



BRB, going back to bed.

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