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Where to get your hair did in New Orleans

When it comes to getting a new ‘do choosing the right place can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a few really bad/uneven/mullet-like experiences to find a good cut. Even though I’ve had the same style since I was 12, I tend to shop around from salon to salon and stylist to stylist. Well, today is your head’s lucky day! I’m going to let you take advantage of my salon-hopping experiences and share my picks for the best stylists in New Orleans.

Rocket Science Salon Interior New Orleans
The Lab at Rocket Science

I do have some pretty hefty expectations when it comes to the longevity of my cut, but price, character, and atmosphere are all equally important to consider before I put my head in someone else’s hands (who happens to be holding scissors). We don’t live in NY or LA where haircuts run well over $100, so a sense of value and generally cool and laid back atmosphere are essential. Since this is New Orleans a good beer selection or glass of wine/bubbly doesn’t hurt either. As far as stylists go, if I’m going to trust you with my locks I want to connect with you as a person, but I also don’t want you all up in my business…

Rocket Science Salon & Beauty Bar

My current coiffeuse extroadinaire is Remy at Rocket Science. The shop is located in a dark red creole cottage style house on the edge of the Marigny which gives it a total New Orleans vibe. Inside it’s cute, funky, bright, and welcoming. Remy works pretty late most nights, so I like to get my Happy Hour started with a few inches off the top and a High Life (we are bordering hipster-ville here afterall). My favorite thing about this gal is that she is so communicative and understanding. Since I only get my hair cut twice, maybe three times a year it’s pretty much a rat’s nest by the time I make an appointment. Remy is so encouraging, always tells me she’s seen way worse, and continues to make it 1000% better with just scissors and a blowdryer. My favorite thing about her stylings is that my bangs and layers are always on point. As a way-too-close-to 30 year old, bangs can get so juvenile or so ’80s in a matter of millimeters, but Remy knows when to stop. I leave there with my fivehead disguised by a sassy, sultry side swept style that even Jessica Rabbit would envy. I don’t color my hair, but I have always played with the thought of going ginger up top, and when I’m ready Remy will be my girl. Her deep auburn locks are an inspiration for the Joan Harris types out there, and I can’t wait to I build up the guts to try it.Rockst Science Salon

Due to her mad scissor skills and pretty reasonable pricing Remy is in high demand these days. If you’d like to book you need to think two to three weeks in advance. Fortunately, Rocket Science has a nice online booking system that takes care of the reminders and rebooks for you. Plus, when you’re all trimmed up you can flaunt your new look with a night out on neighboring Frenchman Street.

Niki Walker Salon

Niki Walker Salon New Orleans 2
Niki Walker at work

After many years of lending her talent to the heads and faces of Destrehan, Niki opened up shop in downtown New Orleans. You’d be so wrong if you thought this small town girl had small town style. Niki has cut, shaped, and styled the best of the best from high fashion models in NY to countless celebrities in LA. Niki is an artiste and her stylings are beautifully complex and sculptural. She’s amazing with short hair and extreme color, which are difficult for stylists to pull off. Niki’s dedication to further education and the Paul Mitchell brand have led her to teach master classes around the world. She’s a serious force in the hair industry, and we’re really lucky to have her home base here in New Orleans.

Niki and her stylists are so versatile that everyone from my barely post-teen model friends to my mom (yes, my mom actually goes here) walk out of the salon just killing it. Behind the talent is one of the realest people I know. Niki is passionate, commited, and cool as hell. She’s not going to give you the cheesy hairdresser chat about your kids or your cats or whatever, but she will let you know about the latest and greatest gallery openings and CBD hotspots that are just on the brink of becoming cool. I’ve had my hair styled by Niki’s team several times, and every time I feel like the rockstar I always wanted to be. The Niki Walker crew makes me feel beautiful with an edge and definitely ready to take on the runway if not the world. Niki has an eye for talent, so if she’s booked up definitely try one of her up and coming stylists. You will not be disappointed.

Lux Salon Blends

Lux Salon Blends Hairstylist New Orleans
Mid City LUX-ury

If you’ve never been to Lux, but you’ve heard of a little ‘hood called Mid City, then you’re totally missing out. Lux is an adorable and tiny day spa that packs a ton of services into a small space. Agnes, the in-house stylist, also manages to bring a lot of va-va-voom with her petite frame as she delivers some seriously sexy styles to regulars and first-timers alike. Agnes had been around big salon life for a number of years and decided that her talents would be best appreciated as a singular sensation. She teamed up with long-time buddy and Mid-City diehard, Erin Peacock, and started serving the lucky ladies and gentleman of Lux several years ago.

Since Agnes is a one woman force, it can be hard to get an appointment. Plus, with the $49 price tag New Orleanians come from all over to get the best style steal in town. The last time I went to Agnes I was trying to grow my locks longer, which can be a pain when you’re a rough and tumble gal like me. Between the blow drying, ponytail holders, curling rods, straighteners, etc. Agnes put me on the path to repair, and within two cuts I was looking and feeling in tip top shape.  After every subsequent appointment my hair felt so soft and light, and kept its shape for weeks, and weeks, and weeks.

The best thing about Lux is the way they make you feel like you’re their only customer. Agnes will show up early or late for you. She’ll put on your favorite tunes or share some hilarious stories just to boost your mood. Lux is a good vibes kind of place and you’ll never feel rushed or pushed when you visit. I’d recommend taking advantage of that hard-earned PTO and booking an appointment on a day off. That way you can also swing a mani/pedi with your trim. Trust me, once you hang with the gals at Lux you will not want to leave! Also, feel free to stop by the wine shop next door and grab a bottle to toast your refreshed self!

My hair has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the past ten years, but it’s the styling superstars that I remember the most. I’ve saved you the pain of looking subpar and scouted the best scissor sisters that Nola has to offer. If you’re not sure where to start, try one of my tried and true gals to get you on track.

Do you have a favorite place to tame your mane? Let our readers know in the comments below!


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