April Fools: Emeril to Headline Wrestlemania

The New Orleans chef to headline Wrestlemania would have been a sight to see. It would have been like “BOW!!” Roundhouse to the face. “BOW!!! BODY SLAM!!!” I would have paid to see that. Unfortunately, just part of our April Fools jokery!


Sources confirmed to us early Tuesday morning that Emeril Lagasse, famed chef and New Orleans local, will be one of the participants in WrestleMania XXX’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 

The WWE has long had held a tradition of bringing in Celebrity cameos for major events, and into their 30 man Rumble matches. In 2001, Drew Carey entered the Royal Rumble at #5, and lasted a good 45 seconds before jumping for his life over the top rope. 

WWE talent reportedly approached Emeril last month, after discussions with Trombone Shorty and James Carville fell through. The famous chef jumped at the opportunity, and has been training for several weeks so he can be in top shape for the performance. While the odds of him winning (or even eliminating a single entrant) are about as good as Nagin’s chances of leaving jail unscathed, he does promise to be a bit more exciting than the usual cameo. 

Rumors have it that Emeril will be riding in on a one of a kind “Bam-mobile”, with the full accompaniment of pyrotechnics usually reserved for the company’s major stars along with special, themed parade throws. As Emeril makes his way to the ring, we can expect him to be tossing out Andouille Sausage shaped beads, along with frisbees featuring the phrase “Aw, yeah, babe, feel the pain.” 

There’s no telling how long he’ll actually last. But there’s really only one question on this writer’s mind: will Emeril Roundhouse kick someone up a notch? 

We’ll just have to wait til Sunday to find out.


I would have bet my money on Emeril, though. Check out more April Fools fun and tell us what you would like to see next year!


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