April Fools: Friar Tucks to Reopen on Freret St.

For all those of the Tucks generation, this article was probably the biggest high and lowest low of your day, wasn’t it?


After three years of dormancy, Friar Tucks will once again open its doors on Freret Street. 

On Sunday, March 30th, previous owner John Blitch announced that he hopes re-open his establishment by the end of the summer, but said he is not sure how long it will take for his “deals to go through” with city officials. 

Though the bar will move from it’s original location at the 5100 block of Freret Street, now occupied by Origami Sushi Bar and Restaurant, to a new location at 4545 Feret, which is now home to Bloomin’ Deals, it will have the same general vibe, according to Blitch. 

“25 cent night, Friday beer pong, cheap booze, the whole works. We’ll have it all. Only this time the I.D. scanners will be plugged in” said Blitch. 

He also noted an expanded dance floor, outside patio and “our famous Cap’n Crunch fried chicken.” 

According to the New Freret Business and Property Owners Association Kelly Grengs, the local community is doing everything in its power to ensure the notorious underage watering hole will never open its doors in this city again. 

She also stated Friar Tucks closing as the main reason for the Freret Street renaissance. 

“This community has come so far since Friar Tucks closed,” said Grengs. “A brothel or even a crack house would be better than this establishment.” 

When asked to comment on the potential news, at-large City Council member Stacy Head said, “I am appalled, horrified and repulsed by the notion of having to see that place return to this wonderful street. I worry for the well-being of every child under the age of 21, whether they are in high school, college, elementary school, or in some cases, even preschool.” 

Not everyone is opposed to the new bar opening. One local high school student said he was “stoked, bro” and looks forward to having a place to go until he can get into The Boot. 

When asked about the fatal shooting that forced Friar Tucks to originally close in early 2011, Blitch said, “what business hasn’t had a homicide or two?” 


We all had a good laugh at the sorrowful comments! Check out more from our April Fools Series!
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