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How to Recover from Jazz Fest

So you’re probably feeling the after effects of festivaling all weekend. I can’t blame you, it means you left it all on the field. How could you not?

I mean, Arcade Fire second lining through the crowd? Jimmy Buffet and Allen Toussaint playing on stage together? Jamming with your parents to The Boss? Between the weather, the acts and the overall atmosphere, Jazz Fest 2014 was a grand slam, a festival truly for the ages.

The only problem with having this much fun is that you don’t always feel 100 percent the next day. Standing, walking and dancing along with drinking and eating all day in the sun feels amazing when you’re doing it, but you’re bound to feel some sort of mental and physical hangover. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to get Monday off, so I’m here to help you recover and get through the day. Follow my schedule (all of it takes place on Magazine Street) and you’ll be feeling ready to deal with the rest of the week and get ready for another weekend of fun.



1. Okay, first of all, you have to get out of bed. Okay, did that? Good job!

2. Go to work. Managed that? You’re killing it.

3. Wait patiently for the lunch hour. Make it look like you are doing something productive.

4. Do not fall asleep under your desk. This is key.



Lunch Hour

After the weekend full of cocktails and crawfish monica, your body might feel, lets just say, out of order. Did you forget that summer and swimsuit season is coming up? Well, let’s get you back on track.

Have your lunch at Fresh Bar. Located on Magazine Street, between State and Henry Clay, Fresh Bar is going to have the ingredients you need to get your body balanced. You don’t want to overload your body with a heavy lunch because you’re going to be too tired to make it through the day. Have a light and nutritious lunch to get you through until dinner time.

Fresh Bar has signature salads, wraps and soups that are super affordable and totally delicious. They even have a make your own salad (or wrap) bar for under $7 that includes three toppings (additional are .55¢ each)! Do your body a favor and replenish it with some healthy goodness so you can recharge and get through the day.


After Work

This is the section where I would normally recommend a happy hour, but you’ve probably had enough of that for the week. Or until tomorrow.

My recommendation would be to keep your healthy streak going by taking in a yoga class in the afternoon. Life Yoga Studios, located on Magazine between Octavia and Jefferson, has a $6 community class this afternoon from 5:15-6:15. If you can’t  make that class, you can still do a drop-in course for $12 or $8 if you are a student with an ID.

Get your mind and body right
Get your mind and body right

And if you’re a guy and don’t think yoga is cool, do you know who does think it’s cool? Girls.

Know where they are? At yoga class. With yoga pants.

Think about it.



My favorite time of the day. So now that you’ve had your very healthy lunch and you did some great yoga, I think you’ve earned a reward. Since it’s Monday and we still live in New Orleans, that means Red Beans and Rice! You can have some of the best in the city at Joey K’s on Magazine, between 7th and 8th Street. Joey K’s is a New Orleans institution and has all of the city’s favorites. Beer and cocktails are dealer’s choice.


Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Joey K's on Magazine
Joey K’s on Magazine









After that long weekend and a long Monday, maybe you’ll want to go out, maybe you’ll want to stay in. Either way, I have your covered.

Staying In?

Some of my favorite movies come on tonight. Shrek comes on at 7PM on AMC and Holes will be showing on ABC Family as well. Curl up on the couch and get a good night’s rest.

Going Out?

Magnetic Ear is playing at Gasa Gasa tonight 8PM. They are an awesome jazz band that uses all kinds of cross-cultural and eclectic sounds. Go see them perform if you want to keep the Jazzfest party going! Check out their cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom”



So that’s the day I have planned for you. I think you’ll feel right as rain tomorrow, so take it easy and have fun. Tag and #latergram all those great pictures you took from Jazz Fest and let me know how your day went in our Comments section!




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